You Must Know About Why Artificial Intelligence Is Fascinating…

The universe of sci-fi is failing to miss man-made consciousness i.e. Artificial Intelligence(AI). In any case, the rate at which it is being created and is learning things independent from anyone else at times brings up the issue of whether AI is sci-fi or something that has just entered our general public and we haven’t understood it yet.

AI can possibly and enormously enhance our lives or to hurt us. With more enterprises and occupations being connected to AI, we need to acknowledge that it is turning into a basic piece of our general public.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Fascinating

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new branch of computer science and software engineering that works on the creation of intelligent machines that work, react and respond like humans. Research related to artificial intelligence and reasoning is exceedingly specialized and concentrated. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits such as speech recognition, learning, planning, problem-solving,  reasoning, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Knowledge engineering is a core part of AI research. AI Machines can often act and react like humans only if they have abundant information relating to the world. And in today’s techno world such types of machines are built and developed for the benefit of humans and these machines actually perform better in those jobs which are very hard and confusing for a normal human to perform.

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You Must Know About Why Artificial Intelligence Is Fascinating.

So here are few interesting and important fascinating listings for you to get your head around. Below 10 listings will give you a clear overview and will help you understand the fascinating concept and innovation behind Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Recent surveys showed that a vast majority is attracted towards the sound of a female voice in comparison to that of a male (consider Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa). Additionally, most AI is built and coded by straight men who are more attracted to the female voice.

  2. AI has made the possibility of having Artificial AI pets which can help us do our daily works. These will be built with artificial algorithms that react to human behaviors and perform actions following them.

  3. Much like people, AI is not only a storehouse of information but rather they can mingle and reproduce emotions. Just like Kismet, a robot made in the late 1990’s can perceive feelings through human non-verbal communication and the manner of speaking.

  4. AI robots are functioned and coded with such algorithms that it can repair and renovate itself if it finds something error within its functionality. AI has the ability to fix its own problem by trial and error or with perfectness if it is made to do so by the AI engineer.

  5. AI has the ability to become smarter than humans. It has the ability to learn with its intelligence increasing with the advancements in data science and software developments. It is predicted that by 2029 that AI will have the same intelligence level as adult humans.

  6. AI coded kinds of stuff or AI software programs are predicted to replace 16% of all the jobs in the very near future. This will happen all because of their advancement and better working capabilities than human.

  7. It is also estimated that humans can develop romantic relationships with AI. Just take the example of the world’s first sex robot Harmony, which is specially built to fulfill the sexual desires of humans.

  8. AI has the ability to write articles and blogs with perfect matching and effectiveness with grammar. There has just been a robot who composed an article on an earthquake in California on the Los Angeles Times Website which was united by the robot gathering information from a seismograph.

  9. It is predicted that 85% of customer call centers won’t require any human customer service agent anymore, by the end of this decade. AI will probably prompt the ending of human client services and Artifical Intelligence based gadgets or programs will be there to assist the customers.

  10. AI robotic assistants will be able to carry out facial recognition as well as voice recognition algorithms to remember the face and voice of people and this will eventually end the crime of duplicity and fraud to many extents.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Fascinating

The goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies is to generalize AI and to use it in especially in the three following fields…

  1. Mainly in the field of computers, allowing them to recognize faces in a picture and remember their voice tone. Just like taking the example of Facebook, we can surely say that it uses AI to recognize photos of a person that is in the photo, and eventually, it notifies the person who is in that photo if he/she was not tagged in it.

  2. In the field of automatic speech recognition which can translate content continuously or recognize diverse speakers like that of an expert interpreter. Just like take the example of Artificial Translator apps like Google Translator which translates the language spoken by another person to you in your native language in real time.

  3. In the field of natural language processing using which machines will be able to listen, learn, follow and interpret human natural language input such as voice messages in a chatbox or emoji explained messages. Just like take the example of Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alex, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri which recognises whatever command you give it whether in a voice command or typing a query in whatever known language you speak.
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