You May Not Know About These Unbelievable Things That Happen Every Minute.

Ever wondered what happens around the world every minute your past. Did you know that in the last minute a lot of awesome things happened? Well, the time you are going to spend reading this post, the entire world has just gone an irreversible changed and that happens again and again. You may not know about these unbelievable things that happen every minute that we are going to write about.

May may be one of those people who often wonder what kind of things are happening around the world at any given moment? Every single minute, in just 60 short seconds, life is constantly shifting and moving forward.

unbelievable things that happen every minute

This is the correct article to go to reading right now. We have beautifully curated a list of some of the unbelievable things that happen every minute.

These are listed below-

  1. 1. 250+ babies are born and nearly 50 people die each minute, around the world.
  2. Almost two to three millions people fly by airplanes or aircraft.
  3. Oil of the volume of four Olympic-sized swimming pools is used each minute.
  4. The sun will throw 60 million tons of matter into space.
  5. About 500,000 tons of ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic circle.
  6. About 2000-3000 uber rides are ordered electronically from all around the world
  7. 10,000-20,000 gallons of wine are drunk every 60 seconds.
  8. 400+ hours of videos are uploaded while the users are watching 4,146,600 videos every minute on youtube.
  9. About 7-8 new articles are added to Wikipedia.
  10. 2,000+ tons of garbage is generated.
  11. About 100 million tons of water will evaporate from the surface of the Earth.
  12. Your Heart Pumps 83 Gallons Of Blood.
  13. A hummingbird will flap its wings 4,000 times.
  14. Social media gains 840 new users each minute.
  15. 455,000 Twitter Tweets are posted per minute from around the world.
  16. You will blink an average of 12 times.
  17. The average citizen of Earth will be 1 penny richer.
  18. 2,040 trees will be cut down in the rainforest.
  19. The universe has expanded about 45 miles.
  20. 500,000 Chemical Reactions Take Place In each Cell of the human body.
  21. 0.15% of the total plant or animal species disappears.
  22. Your blood takes a complete circulation of your body.
  23. Lightning strikes the earth for about 6000 times.
  24. About 50 thousand slices of pizza and about ten thousand hamburgers are sold every minute worldwide.
  25. 15,220,700+ text messages are sent every minute.
  26. Urban dictionary receives one new word every minute.
  27. There will be about 416 hack attempts and from them, about 12 such attempts will be successful.
  28. About 10,000+ matches will be made on Tinder.
  29. 100 new domains will be registered on the world wide web.
  30. Giant anteaters around the world will eat about 20 ants.
  31. Vine users play 1,041,666 million videos.
  32. 4,310 people visit Amazon.
  33. $203,566 worth of products will be sold on Amazon.
  34. 3.8 million Google searches will be conducted.
  35. Every minute, 500 new WordPress posts are created.
  36. About 30 million messages will be sent using WhatsApp.
  37. About 600 million emails will be sent worldwide.
  38. Skype users make 110,040 calls.
  39. Instagram users heart posts 1,736,111 times.
  40. Pinterest users pin 9,722 images.
  41. Netflix subscribers stream 77,160 hours of video.
  42. 1.8 million likes are made on Facebook.
  43. About 300 people will get married within the next 60 minutes.
  44. 84,000 people will have sex and will be romantically physical within the next 60 minutes.
  45. 136,824,00 pounds of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels.
  46. There will be about 5 earthquakes happening globally.
  47. The earth will travel 1,118 miles around the sun.
  48. A bee will flap its wings over 270 times.
  49. In the human body, the nerve signals can travel 4.5 miles.
  50. Almost 40+ thoughts cross out minds.
  51. People smile at an average of 15 times a minute.
  52. People exchange about 30 million plus bacteria amongst each other.
  53. As per various reports, around 10,000 flights land and take-off.
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Here is a infographic for you with some of such information.

every minute
Infographic by Online Education

A minute is a funny amount of time, isn’t it? But we just do not realize how much it alters the things around us.

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