Why Do People Sneeze? EXPLAINED!

Have you ever wondered about why do we sneeze? Maybe not or maybe yes. Here, we will answer it for you. Make sure you read the whole article to know it completely.

Sneezing (also termed as sternutation) is a type of semi-autonomous mechanism of our body to remove the unwanted particles that are irritating our nasal passage and to clear the nose from foreign particles by the massive expulsion of air from the lungs, via. the nose and mouth passage.

Here, in this post, you will know the different reasons for sneezing. We will go through all the fun and interesting facts, figures related to sneezing. So, let’s get started.

Why Do People Sneeze

Why Do People Sneeze? EXPLAINED!

Let’s begin with the obvious answer about why do we sneeze. As I have already mentioned about it at the very beginning of our article, it is too same here. It occurs simply because when something is irritating or tickling inside of your nose then it is the body’s way of response to remove those unwanted foreign particles from our body. This type of body’s response is also known as a type of reflex action.

For those, who don’t know about what a reflex action is, it is a type of neuronal activity that allows your body to move instantaneously and suddenly without your knowledge in response to a nerve signal.

Let us understand reflex action with an example. Just, like withdrawal of the hands when one touches a hot object saving our hand from getting burnt. You don’t intentionally drag your hand off. It just happens without your control, right? Same like this, one sneezes when unwanted particles are irritating our nasal passage just to get rid of such an irritating particle. It too happens of its own, however, in some cases, you can stop your sneeze but, that is not a good practice. So, now you can simply understand what happens while sneezing and why do people sneeze.

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The Function Of Sneezing.

The process of expelling mucus(a slimy biological substance for lubrication, protection, etc.) containing foreign particles or irritants and so finally cleaning our nasal cavity.

So, ever thought about what happens to your body when you sneeze. Keep Reading! I got it covered.

Sneezing is a common physiological response of the human body. It usually occurs when a foreign particle or external stimulant enters your snout, reaching the nasal mucosa, then it triggers the release of bio-chemicals like histamine in our body which may be because of any type of viral respiratory infections, filtered particles, substances that trigger allergic reactions or may also be due to smoke, pollution, perfumes, and cold air. This leads to the leakage of fluid from the various vessels in the nose. This triggers the nerve endings of the nose leading to a reflex action. And, thus it finally causes a sneezing effect and that leads to the rapid expulsion of air. This action thus helps in removing the various offending particles from the nose.

Anatomically, it is seen when the nerve reflex is generated in the brain than the soft palate and palatine uvula depress while the back of the tongue elevates thus causing to partially close the passage to the mouth expelling the air from the lungs through the nose(via. the nasal cavity). Because the closing of the mouth is partial, a considerable amount of this air is also expelled from the mouth. The force and extent of the expulsion of the air through the nose varies. Since the mouth remains only half closed, a lot of this air is generally and additionally expelled from the mouth resulting which the sneezing may be of low or very high intensity.

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Why Do People Sneeze

Why do people sneeze twice or more times?

As I have already mentioned above this is a repeating process to clear your nasal passage.
When an irritating particle enters your nasal passage it triggers the release of histamine from our body which irritates nerve cells in the nose. This activates and results in the sneeze. It’s a powerful release of air, expelling what’s in the nose that’s causing the irritation.

It may be common that you can sneeze two or more times. It is because if the irritating particle is still present there in your nostrils after the first sneeze, then your reflexes can trigger another sneeze. Your sneezing may repeat thrice or more times until and unless you are free from that irritating particle(s).

Why do people sneeze after eating?

Very often you may have seen someone sneezing during or after eating. Sneezing may also depend on the type of food you are eating.

Rhinitis is the term that is used to define the inflammation of the mucous membrane in our nose. It may of 2 types- Allergic rhinitis & Nonallergic rhinitis. Rhinitis causes sneezing, stuffiness, and a runny nose.

Spicy or hot food like hot peppers, hot soups, spicy curry, etc. can trigger rhinitis. In some cases drinking alcohol can also cause rhinitis. This type of nonallergic rhinitis is also termed as Gustatory rhinitis.

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Why do people sneeze in the sun?

A phenomenon named photic sneeze reflex or solar sneeze reflex may help you understand why do people sneeze in the sun. This phenomenon may be defined as when someone affected with photic sneezing come in contact with bright light and sudden exposure to sunlight than it triggers the optic nerves(nerves that connects the eyes with the brain) to send the signal of bright light to the brain. This sometimes triggers the nerves connected to the nasal mucosa as well which sends a signal to the brain into thinking that there is an irritating particle in the nasal passage which eventually results in sneezing.

Why do we sneeze when sick?

Ever wondered about why do we sneeze when we have a cold or when we are sick. It is usually because when you are sick, your body will always try to clear those unwanted irritating particles that enter your body.

During allergies or a common cold, you will often experience a runny nose. You may experience more frequent sneezing as the body works to remove the fluids and various irritating particles. So, this makes you sneeze when you are sick.

Hope we got you covered with the related topics regarding sneezing. Sneezing is, in fact, our body’s defensive response to get of irritations causing inside our nose. It is also to be noted that we must always practice proper sneeze hygiene. With every sneeze, we do expel a lot of water and mucus which carries uncountable and very minute microbes and bacteria that can spread illnesses. So, proper hygiene is a must.

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