Which Version Of Windows Is Best For Gaming: 7, 8.1 or 10?

We all know that in terms of Microsoft Windows-based operating system only three versions (7,8.1 and 10) are mostly used by people nowadays. When the question or need arises of the best Windows-based operating system needed for better gaming performance by gamers many of them get confused about which OS to choose.

Also, it depends upon the specs or hardware of the gamer if it could handle latest or better games or not as well as support the latest DirectX and Microsoft dot net Framework versions which is important for better gaming performance. So in this post, the main aim is to decide which is the best Microsoft Windows-based operating system for gaming!

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My Opinion On The Three Microsoft Windows-based Operating Systems (7,8.1 and 10) Gaming Performances.

The first Windows OS which I used for gaming was Windows 7. It was awesome! It is the best option if you have a PC that’s 3 years or older. Windows 7 supports a lot of old games but new games are unplayable / really bad quality. Windows 7 is stable in terms of resource usage giving better performance in most video games. It’s been around for ages and is perfectly stable.

Windows 7 was and will always remain the best windows in everything (not for heavy gaming in particular) for both old and new hardware systems but it is outdated. Now there are games that are not supported on it anymore just because it’s old. But as of currently, the driver support for most GPUs as well as system support from Microsoft is terminated for Windows 7.

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Windows 8 was the worst for me, I had huge frame drops. It’s not exactly that Windows 8 doesn’t work. It’s fast and, from my still-limited experience, stable. Programs, once open, run well. The major issues are twofold: first, Microsoft has inserted several extra steps into the process of performing basic functions like “launching a program” or “shutting down the system.” Second, the parallel tracks of the “Metro” and Desktop environments give it what feels like a split personality. The overall result makes it challenging to navigate smoothly, and will likely frustrate many gamers.

A program that has been optimized for the Metro interface, like Microsoft’s games store, will open in it, full-screen. A program, like Steam, designed for the Desktop environment will swap you over when you open it, even if you launch it from the Start panel. The end effect is to make the Windows 8 gaming experience the exact opposite of what Windows 7 tried to accomplish.

So, after buying my new laptop with better hardware specs I opted for Windows 10 and believe me it was worth! Logically Windows 10 is the best right now for Gaming because it is the latest in the market. Latest included Bugs fixed, Performances enhanced but that’s not enough in Gaming way.

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Windows 10 is the best Windows for gaming. Here’s why:

  • First, Windows 10 makes the PC games and services you own even better.
  • Second, it makes great new games possible on Windows with technology like DirectX 12 and Xbox Live.
  • Third, it brings Xbox experiences to your Windows 10 PCs in ways that are meaningful to PC gamers.
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If you are Here for just knowing the Best Windows For Gaming, then I simply want to clear that window 10 is best Windows For Gaming and Beast too but, it takes too much of Hardware requirements (RAM, GHz). Requirements mean to say More RAM, Powerful Processor, etc. If you have beast Latest Every PC components then you should install Windows 10.

Windows 10 also has a game mode which actually makes gameplay worse in high-mid range gaming computers. But, offers a huge advantage on low-end Laptops with iGPUs. Not sure why that happens. In opposite, if You have low-end PC or Medium then you should go with a Low version of Windows. Low Window is the Best Windows for Gaming if you have low-end PC.

Final Words…

I personally think that you should go with the latest versions of Windows since new hardware and drivers are always targeted for the latest Windows version. Next to that Microsoft will eventually stop providing updates for older versions. A good example is DirectX 12 which is not available for Windows 7. Windows 10 would be best for future gaming as more and more games use DirectX 12 API.  All in all, Windows 10 is the winner in terms of gaming performance, and it will only get better.

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