Walking In Italy? Then These Are The 15 Italian Phrases You Must Know.

Walking in Italy is so fantastic and exploring. Even if you are an experienced and passionate explorer I am certain you know that it is so important to know a couple of essential words and expressions in the local language of the country that you are going to visit, or else everything can simply appear to be so outsider and unfamiliar.

You may be a more serious traveler and so you have invested a decent amount of time and energy reading Italian books, singing tunes and tuning in to Italian book recordings to get ready for your trip.

If you are a first-time traveler, it’s not too late and yes it is possible to learn Italian and phrases expressions now. We have made you secured and thus have covered everything that you must know before you go walking in Italy.

Walking In Italy? Then These Are The 12 Italian Phrases You Must Know. And, YES! Italians will love hearing it from you.

1. Salve (HELLO)

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Saying ‘‘Ciao” (Cha-o) which means ‘Hi.’ This is one of the famous and most loved words in Italy. If you want to greet a group of people say ”Ciao a tutti” which means ”Hello everyone.” You can also say “Ciao” to say ”goodbye.” Say ”Ciao” only to those who are your friends or colleagues. On the other hand, you must greet the person whom you don’t know or is older to you by saying “Salve” also meaning ”Hello”.

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2. Ciao (Hii)

walking In italy

As already said above, the word “Ciao” is an informal salutation in the Italian language that is used for both “hello” and “goodbye”. It is interchangeable for both saying an informal hello and goodbye. It is mostly used while talking to a friendly person like close friends or relatives.

3. Come Stai? (HOW ARE YOU?)

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Greeting the locals by saying “come stai” will be so interesting to the listener. Saying this word will give you the potentiality for making a strong bond with the locals during the initialization of your conversation.

4. Scusami (EXCUSE ME)

walking In italy

It is always a good practice to say ‘excuse me’ before starting your sentence with a local person in Italy. Approaching them by saying “Scusami” meaning “Excuse Me”. You can say ”Scusa” with your friends and colleagues to be informal. However, it is always a formal way to say ”Scusami” if you are approaching a stranger or someone who is elder to you.

5. Grazie (THANK YOU)

walking In italy

It is used as an expression word of gratitude. The basic sweet motion of saying ”thank you” will do no mischief to you and who knows, this word may even get you an excellent service from the locals.

6. Mi potete aiutare? (CAN YOU HELP ME?)

walking In italy

Keeping in mind to say “Mi potete aiutare” before requesting a help from the locals will surely help you if you just forget your lane in an unknown land. Go! utilize this expression if in any case, you may need some assistance from a nearby local.

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7. Lei parla inglese? (DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?)

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A portion of the Italian local people do understand and can speak fundamental English. So to be on the more secure side don’t forget to ask in the event that if they know English. Things will become so much easier for you if they can speak in English.

8. Per favore (PLEASE)

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The phrase pefavore means “please and is often used when asking for or requesting something. You’ll hear and say this word often, whether you’re ordering a meal at a restaurant or asking for help or directions, so it’s an important one to know.

9. Piacere Di Conoscerti (NICE TO MEET YOU)

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Yes, the expression “Nice to meet you” is more used in person than over the phone, but native English speakers can use it over the phone too. It is just a form a politeness one says after meeting/ talking with someone for the first time. In Italy “Nice to meet you” is like saying “Piacere Di Conoscerti” in Italian.

10. Vorrei (I WOULD LIKE)

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When requesting, or asking for something, “Vorrei” is the polite way to ask. This polite term is one everyone will use frequently. You can practice this every morning to get your coffee by saying “Vorrei Coffe”.

11. Benvenuto (WELCOME)

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This Italian phrase is a word of gratitude. It is used as an interjection to express gladness at someone’s arrival. As an adjective when to receive with gladness and happiness. As a noun for hospitality.

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12. Sei Cosi Bello (YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL)

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Respect a woman and glad her using this beautiful phrase. Just say “Sei Cosi Bello” and she will be glad to hear it from you in her native dialect.

13. Sei Cosi Affascinante (YOU ARE SO HANDSOME)

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Respect a man and glad her using this beautiful phrase. Just say “Sei Cosi Affascinante” and he will also be so glad to hear it from you in his native dialect.

14. In bocca al lupo! (GOOD LUCK!)

walking In italy“Congratulations” comes after the success is achieved, and you are saying that you observed their success or good luck and approve of it. Say In bocca al lupo!meaning “Good Luck!” before their success – you are saying you hope they will succeed.

15. Addio! (GOOD BYE!)

walking In italy

You must say “Addio!” to someone when you or they are leaving, or at the end of a phone conversation. It is a formal way to bid them goodbye.


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