Top awkward and strange rituals related to women around the world

The population of this world is more than 7.5 billion. People of different caste, religion, civilization, culture, and language live in this world. The beliefs of different cultures are also different.

If assumptions are estimated, it becomes clear that the cruelty of cruelty is mostly for women. In many countries, women have to undergo many derogatory and painful assumptions. Whether it is to give proof of its virginity or to prove its sanctity. Every rule, law, recognition is for women only.

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Here, we bring you the top awkward and strange rituals related to women around the world. Check out the top selected list of the cruel beliefs of some countries related to women.

1. The widows have to sleep with their dead husband’s body

In some areas, the widow has to sleep with her dead husband’s body for about 3 days and has to have sex with her husband’s brothers. For the peace of the deceased soul, a woman has to undergo all these cruel assumptions. During this period, the widow is not allowed to meet her children too.

In some areas of Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda, widows have to prove that their husband’s death was not due to him. To prove their purity, they have to sleep with a cleaner.

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2. Forcibly marrying a woman

There is a very poor custom in Kyrgyzstan. Here women are forced to marry and they are married without their wish. If a man succeeds in keeping the woman of her choice with her for 2-3 days, then the girl becomes her. Most of these marriages are unsuccessful and many women commit suicides after a few months of marriage.

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3. Making women naked and beat them badly

This is a very popular trend among some tribes of Brazil. A woman is beaten with naked until she becomes unconscious. Many times women die due to such bad beating. The woman who suffers this tyranny is considered as best material for marriage.

4. A community where brothers share a wife

Polyandry in India refers to the practice of polyandry, whereby a woman has two or more husbands at the same time. It is practiced in Kinnaur region, a part of Himachal in India; in South India among the Todas tribes of Nilgiris; Nairs of Travancore and also among the Paharis, especially in the Jaunsar-Bawar region in Northern India.

This is the case in the Himalayas where there is little land available for farming and agriculture, and families with more than one son, take the solution of finding one wife for all of their sons.

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5. Strange acts and rituals with the baby’s placenta

In some countries, mothers eat their own placenta in the form of a pate or a pasta dish after giving birth to the baby. While in several cultures they tend to bury the placenta instead of just wasting it.

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The most strange one is of the couples in Transylvania who do not wish to have any more babies are known to burn up the placenta upon the delivery of their child. After the burning part of the ritual is done, the father of the newborn baby is required to drink the ashes.

6.  Girls are forced to seal their vagina

In some parts of Somalia and Egypt and also in some parts of India and Pakistan as well, girls face painful and merciless act of genital mutilation. This act of sealing the vagina, in the most unhygienic condition, without any drugs, is done for ONE ‘simple’ reason – to prevent any possible sexual indulgence by a girl as the ‘pure’ virgin’s seal is broken only on the night of consummation by the husband being.S

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So much misbehavior with women in the patriarchal society, today the creator will also be sad about what was his best creation, why did he become such?

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