Trending Technology that will change the world in 2018.

The world of technology is unpredictable and changeable. Trends are ever-changing in the tech industry. Some trends fizzle out quickly while others have a significant impact on the tech community. Some of them die a quiet death, while others are so significant that they transform our world and how we live in it.

The tech innovations and developments keep impacting processes and performance in fields like logistics, maintenance, healthcare or entertainment. It influences the way we think and act.

While there are so many trending technologies standing out in a crowd, fighting to compete with each other yet, the top ones are all awesome and innovative. We have curated a list of selected top 5 technology trends present in the world. You can just read quickly without any delay.

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Here, we bring you a list of the top trending technology that will change the world in 2018.

1. The Growth Of  Virtual Assistant Deep Learning Technology

From voice recognition to image recognition processing with all the incredible types applications that include voice and image typing compression to security and defense, all affiliated to the Deep Learning-based technology well-designed to change the era of the future world.

Some incredible gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana are now able to learn and act using Deep Learning technology and other AI tools as their backbone.  These gadgets now have an open ecosystem which can drive widespread use of voice commands and act according to your command.

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2. The Incredible Rise Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Gadgets are now able to learn in much the same way as we humans do due to the massive increases in data and computing power. The Artificial Intelligence enabled gadget-computers can now undertake human tasks like analyzing social media messages, Alexa standing by to answer your every command, Alexa being able to answer you and gauge our emotions.

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The quick incredible explosion in data has now allowed Artificial Intelligence to advance very rapidly. The more the data computing power the AI system has, the much quicker it can learn accurately. AI now allows computers to see, read, listen, speak and act to human emotions much accurate than that a human does.

3. The Rise Of Augmented Reality Gaming

Augmented reality is one of the great technological advances that will impact the lives of everyone, especially gamers. The real-time integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment is termed as Augmented Reality Gaming.

The basic idea of this technology is to use devices to superimpose computer graphics and sensory enhancements over a true and real-world environment, all in real time. Augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real time.

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Augmented reality gaming uses the existing environment and creates a playing field within it, while virtual reality games require a confined area to create a gaming environment. While virtual reality games require specialized VR headsets, only some augmented reality systems use them. AR games are typically played on devices like smartphones and portable gaming systems.

4. The Rapid Growth Of Blockchain networks

The secure and practical solution to the problem of storing data is a blockchain network. Here, the model splits the sensitive and costly data into blocks, where every block is connected to the previous block. The whole chain is thus a self-managed one making it almost impossible to give the whole control to one particular individual or organization.

It finds its applications in insurance, financial services, digital wallets, healthcare, online transactions can have other important multiple uses for blockchain and its network of data collection. It has a huge performing leap forward with all new major changes and developments as compared to the current data security technologies. We are sure that it will boost up much in the near future.

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5. The Future Of 5G Technology

It is well possible that we could have a 5G network with 5G phones all by the end of 2020. 5G internet will have the potential to be almost 10 times faster than 4G ones.

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This will revolutionize the internet use and the development of new apps and streaming technology and praiseworthy contents. This is going to be a year of massive preparation for engineers, developers, and consumers, as they gear up for a new generation of internet.

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