Top Ten Android Cache Cleaning Apps Available In Playstore

We should start with the obvious, what is the cache on your Android device? Your Android device uses part of your memory to store data for quick access and temporary storage for your apps. In theory, over time your cache can become large and even start to slow your device down. Keep in mind that Android generally does a great job at managing the size and stability of your cache so I wouldn’t suggest you worry about it unless you have some issues with your device getting laggy or slow and use an Android Data Eraser.

If this does happen to you I’d restart your device before you do anything else. If that doesn’t fix the problem, one of these applications might help you out. Before we dive in I would caution anyone against constantly emptying your cache because your apps need it to run in the background. In this post, you will know such top ten android cache cleaning apps available in play store.

Here is a list of top ten android cache cleaning apps available in play store according to our editors:

1: Ace Cleaner

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One of the simplest but effective Android cleaner apps, Ace cleaner can give you a new experience in phone optimization. With its highlighted features like Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, and CPU Cooler, the Ace Cleaner can boost up and maximize your phone’s performance. It has a fantastic duplicate photos cleaner that can find similar photos in your storage and give you the option to delete them to retain your favorites and clean up space.

2: Clean Master

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Clean Master has over 500 million downloads on Play Store and includes a variety of features. Apart from cleaning junk files, it also includes an antivirus and helps in boosting performance and battery life.

The junk files cleaner works on System cache, junk app data and junk from ads. Although it removes app junk, personal data like photos or videos are not deleted. An additional feature called “Charge Master” can show battery charging status on the status bar. This excellent app can replace many apps in your drawer.

3: CCleaner

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It helps in removing junk from the phone. It cleans application cache, browser history, and clipboard content to release the device from clutter.

It uninstalls unwanted applications easily and frees up space on the device. It has a user- friendly interface and does not contain ads. It takes care of internal storage space and RAM of the device.

4: DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

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It is a speed booster, game booster, junk file cleaner and battery saver for Android devices.

It is a trash cleaner and antivirus app that manages memory space, junk files, and battery power.  It keeps the device safe from viruses and other infections.  It helps in boosting network and increasing charging speed up to 20%.

5: Turbo Cleaner

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Thorough cache cleaning doesn’t have to take ages, especially given how responsive flash memory has gotten by now, with Turbo Cleaner driving that point home thanks to its efficiently programmed tools meant to speed up your device in just a few taps. As an added bonus, this particular service also ships with a basic antivirus system, CPU cooler, and a battery saver, with the idea being to have users covered on multiple performance fronts without requiring them to download half a dozen Android apps.

6: 1Tap Cleaner

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While its somewhat outdated design would probably never have you think that, 1Tap Cleaner is a regularly updated app compatible with virtually every contemporary Android handset or tablet. Just like its name says, the main selling point of this particular offering is its straightforward nature – open it, tap the screen once to have your cache emptied, and go on with your day. Deleting text messages, contents of your SD card, and your Internet browsing history is just as simple, so this is certainly an excellent choice for anyone interested in a no-nonsense solution.

7: SD Maid

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SD Maid is a file maintenance app that also acts as a file manager. It tracks the files and folders left behind by apps that have been uninstalled from the Android device and frees up space by deleting them from the memory. It has two versions; the free version of the Android phone cleaner app can be used as a simple but efficient system maintenance app but the premium version does add a few extra perks to the app.

8: Cleaner eXtreme

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This storage cleaner app is for all those data conscious people who want an optimized phone but out of fear of losing data or having to face unexpected app crashes, avoid Android cleaners. Cleaner eXtreme has the capability of handling and deleting huge junk files without tempering any system data. It works as a one-tap app that only needs user permission to choose what to delete and takes care of the rest.

9: Power Clean

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Power Clean is a small, smart and powerful junk cleaner that optimizes your Android smartphone with just one click. The app amazingly frees up storage, disables unnecessary Apps, boosts RAM to get your device running like new. It removes old junk files, system cache, residual file and other clutter from your Android device. It stops auto-start apps to help reduce memory usage and increase boot speed.

10: AVG Cleaner for Android Phones

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AVG Cleaner is a brilliant junk cleaner app that helps you remove junk from your Android device. Additionally, it kills background processes, optimizes your device and extends battery life. It also lets you set customized reminders to clean your Android phone. It detects unnecessary cached RAM running in the background. It is a one-stop solution to optimize and extend battery life.

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