Top 9 Most Disgusting And Strange Food In The World.

We eat food every single day. More often we are most likely to eat homemade foods that include rice, fish, bread, vegetables, curry, sweetmeats, noodles, plates of mixed greens, sandwiches, and cheeses. Among those of the restaurants and street foods we generally like pizza, hamburger, fried fish, and many other fast food varieties.

All the food that is considered here in our Top 9 List is some of those strange and disgusting ones which you would never ever like to eat and ideally will never taste unless you’re occupied and interested in these foods.

We have curated a selected list of such types of food, that we hope, many people will never touch due to its disgusting nature, type and taste. These things that we have listed in the blow Top 9 List are basically some of these types of strange foods that you could ever imagine putting inside your mouth and have a bite of it

Here is the selected list of the top 9 most disgusting and strange food in the world.

1.  Escamoles

Escamoles are the hatchlings of a venomous subterranean insect-animal group that lay their eggs where it counts in the underlying foundations of agave or maguey plants in Mexico (so gathering them isn’t a truckload of good times). The hatchlings are said to have a consistency likened to curds and taste fairly nutty; they’re typically eaten as the filling in a taco or omelet.

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2. Casu Marzu

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In some areas, it is known as ‘maggot cheese’. It is basically a Sardinian cheese produced using goat’s milk and its derivatives. Be that as it may, what makes this so disgusting and strange is the way it is produced. It is made by the process of fermenting where the larvae of cheese flies are introduced and slowly after weeks the larvae hatches and begin feeding the cheese. At the point when the time comes for its utilization, numerous individuals remove the maggots. However, some leave them in, believing that they add an extra flavorful taste to it.

3. Balut

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It is a common type of food in the Philippines. It is prepared by boiling a developing duck embryo that’s boiled alive in its shell. All things considered, it’s a typical street food and is normally presented with beer and alcohol.

4. Crispy Fried Tarantulas

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Crispily fried spider is a delicate street food in Cambodia. It is prepared by marinating it with sugar and salt and then frying it with garlic. Obviously, it tastes somewhat like a crab. As well as sounding fantastically cruel, it looks inconceivably unappetizing. In any case, it’s a typical street food and is generally presented with its legs.

5. Bat Paste

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This is a type of food that is still considered weird in almost every country but it finds its attraction in the few Asian countries where it’s eaten. Initially, an alive bat is boiled together with milk. After a while, it is taken out and sliced into small pieces and mixed with various types of herbs and spices into a pulpy paste.

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6. Century Egg – 100 or 1000 Years Old Egg

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This is a pretty rotten type of egg. It is prepared by preserving a regular egg with a mixture of clay, ash, and quicklime for a few months. This finally makes the yolk turn to a dull green or even dark and vile while the white has swung to a dim darker translucent jam. It tastes like a boiled egg with a rotten smell. It is basically a famous food in China and many other nearby countries.

7. Wasp Cookies

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It is a biscuit, like a cookie that is prepared and is filled with wasps. Here, it is seen that this type of cookie replaces the chocolate chip with the wasps dipped inside the cookies.

8. Dog Meat

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Better believe it, yet this dependably makes me extremely upset. As somebody who had a domestic dog growing up, who was a piece of the family and regarded as a little four-legged sister, it’s hard to see these with the butcher. Dog meat is broadly considered in Korea and Vietnam nowadays, prompting a huge increment in the taking of family pets.

9. Cat Meat

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Like that of the dog meat, cat meat is also a seen with a huge increment in its taking by many people in the parts of China and Korea generally. But it is still unlikely to be found in many mainstream restaurants, believe it or not.

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