Top 10 Powerful Countries with the best nuclear weapon stockpiles in the world 2018

Every country in this world wants to be the best in power defense when it is measured by the Nuclear weapons. The countries with most powerful nuclear weapons in the world are definitely a threat to those without such weapons. The destructive power of these weapons is so dangerous that it can blow any nation into ashes.

Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), these five nations, namely the US, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, France, and China, are considered “nuclear-weapon states” (NWS). While the countries like India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea also has stockpile nuclear warheads.

Let us know more about these powerful countries with best nuclear weapon stockpiles in the world.

  1. Russia

Russia is the strongest nuclear weapon country in the world having almost 8500 nuclear weapons. It is famous for the best quality weapons and the largest country with respect to the area.

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  1. United States of America

This country holds the 2nd position in the race of nuclear weapons. According to reports, this country has a total of 7200-7700 nuclear missiles and it has a more organized army with the best weapons. Moreover, United States has more number of SLBMs and ICBMs as compared to other countries including Russia.

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  1. France

France secures the 3rd position with a total of 300 nuclear weapons. In spite having nuclear power, this country still faces terrorist attacks. Therefore, France needs much more defense than that of other countries of Europe.

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  1. The United Kingdom

With a count of 225 nuclear weaponry, UK is on 4th position of the World’s strongest Nuclear Weapon countries in the world of 2018.

According to the reports, United Kingdom was once at the top place for nuclear power country of the world because, in 1970s govt, the country has the stockpile of more than 520 nuclear weapons but they put the rest more than half of the warheads and just using about 215 nuclear missiles.

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  1. China

China is known as the most developed countries in the world with the largest population in the world. This country tested its first nuclear weapon, the “596,” in 1964. Due to the country’s secrecy, it’s difficult to give its existing count of nuclear warheads. Experts believe China has around 270 nuclear weapons available.

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  1. Pakistan

Pakistan became the first ever Muslim nuclear power country in the world by launching nuclear test at Chaghi in 1998. According to the study, Pakistan has almost 120 missiles and continuously trying to improve the defense of the country.

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  1. India

India holds the 7th place in the list of world’s powerful nuclear weapons. This country focuses more on the defense because of the frequent attack from its neighboring country Pakistan and terrorists in the border. According to reports, India has more than 100 nuclear weapons.

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  1. Israel

This Jewish state secures 8th position amongst the superpowers of the world. Many Islamic countries hate this nation because of its continuous war with Palestine. The only companion to this country is the superpower America which always supported it and with their help, it keeps almost 80 powerful nuclear weapons.

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  1. North Korea

North Korea holds the 9th position in the race of big nuclear powers of the world. It has increased the number of nuclear weapons during the last few years. They perform nuclear test frequently which brings threat to the countries around this nation.

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  1. Iran

Iran is the second Muslim nation in the list of world’s top nuclear powers and is at number 10 in the ranking. Although its total number of nuclear weapons is unclear, Iran has now paved its way in the world of nuclear weapons. The country has made few Nuclear weapons and has signed the agreement with America for the devastation of the Nuclear weapons.

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