Top 10 biggest sex festivals Around The World

Sex is something that everyone wants to hear about, but nobody wants to talk about. It is what everyone wants to perform with fun and happiness, instead of shying away from it.

Well, what will be your reaction if it is performed in front of your eyes? Yes, we’re talking about sex festivals — huge, live events that feature ringside seats some of the most unique exhibits, shows, and spectacles in the world.


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Here are top 10 biggest sex festivals Around The World That people Celebrate The Joy Of doing it.

  • Erotica- London, England

It’s consistently recognized as the largest erotic festival on the globe. It presents sexuality and lifestyle miscellany in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. This ‘trade show’ has areas like an erotic jewelry boutique.

  • Kinky Copenhagen – Denmark

Kinky Copenhagen is Denmark’s insane annual kink carnival. With whips, chains, piercings, and strippers galore, it’s a hedonist’s wet-dream-come-true.

  • Love Parade – Berlin, Germany

Love Parade was a popular electronic dance music festival and techno parade which is not really a sex event. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a sex festival. Security is told to hold off, and all kinds of sexual antics take over the streets.

  • Kutemajrvi Sex Festival – Finland

The Kutemajvri Sex Festival takes place in one of the beautiful little village, Kangasniemi, Finland. This event presents the place with live sex shows, strip competitions, exotic dancers, a sex toy expo, and the famous Aphrodite competition, a nude beauty pageant.

  • The Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair is the world’s largest and in-chargest leather and fetish event, during which people from all over the world come to frolic, and occasionally fuck, in the streets. It’s wild.

  • International Erotic Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona erotic film festival’s mission is to break the taboos associated with porn and the use of sex products. There’s also a lingerie show, a sex product fair and a fetish party.

  • Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant – Indiana, USA

This Indiana festival is a world-famous nude beauty pageant held at the Ponderosa Sun Club, where gorgeous naked women lining up for the honor of the Miss Nude crown. The festival also features erotic dancing, exhibitionism and live sex acts, apart from a roster of famous movie and porn stars attending each year.

  • Hot d’Or-Cannes, France

Another much steamy underbelly of the Cannes scene; it’s occasionally known as “that other festival.” Held just down the coast in the same city, where one of the world’s most famous film festival takes place, Hot d’Or is the industry’s annual bacchanalia blowout. This is where the multibillion-dollar smut industry gathers each year to congratulate itself for persistently fueling people’s sexual fantasies.

  • Exotic Erotic Ball- San Francisco, California

This show may not necessarily be the biggest when it comes to numbers, but it earns a high ranking based on the general wildness. A tradition going back 25 years, the Exotic Erotic Ball remains one of the nation’s wildest parties, where all the sexy people come to unleash their inner beasts. This features dance parties, strip shows, and mind-blowing sex performances.

  • Pon Festival – Indonesia

This festival is held seven times a year where participants hike up Gunung Kemukus, a hilltop Islamic shrine. Once atop, they have to have sex with a stranger, as they believe this brings them good luck and fortune.

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