This will make you clear what people regret most about food

“Nothing is better than going to family or friends and eating good food and getting relaxed.” Yes, it’s all true. We all love doing the same, aren’t we?

Enjoying the incredible cuisines is a day dream come true for the foodies. The realization of the awesome flavors in each and every bite in all sorts of food feels like water coming out of the tongue and a lust for more.

Activating to appeal emotions in meetings or first dates had caused supporting cultural aspects for the love of food aiming to make it enjoyable with utmost happiness.

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These reasons sound good, isn’t it? But,

  • What if you have over eaten pretty much?
  • What if your lust for food had to lead you to excessive indulgence?
  • What if your weight increases day after day?
  • What if the food tasted disgusting?

Then you will surely feel regret, won’t you?

Someone once quoted,

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“You’ll never regret the things you do; only the thing you don’t.”

But, this is what that doesn’t fit with food though.

Here, is a list of what people regret the most about food :

1. Sweet & Delicious Desserts

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Includes cookies, cakes, fruit pies, sweet crackers, ice-creams and frozen desserts, sugar cubes, etc.

food and desserts
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These desserts are pretty much delicious and attractive both in the case of vision and taste.These are what that is likely to take your attention and lure you to taste them. But, the fact is that you cannot eat enough at a time. It sounds awkward, but it’s what the reality is. If done so eating a lot, it will bring you a bringe and make you feel physically unfit.

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2. Fast Foods & Junk Foods

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Junk foods include salted snack foods, fried fast food, carbonated drinks, etc.

Fast foods include “vada-pav,” “kache daboli,”,“chaat”, etc.

fast and junk foods
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There is no one who regrets eating fast foods and junk foods. Yes, off-course the flavor can increase your hunger. But, what if you already ate it? Hunger went away and now you will feel a shit. The more the calorie intake from the food is the more unfit you will be after the overflowing meal.

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3. Fat & Oily Dishes

Include chips, creams, french fries, pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken fries, etc.

Fat & Oily Dishes
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For you, it may be a probable reminder memorizing your tasty moments. But, for all others, it is something they just want to get rid off as sooner as possible. If you haven’t had a high-fat diet for a while, it will take time to speed up your digestion and build up necessary enzymes for digesting it. Probably at that time, you will be suffering through bloated and disgusting feeling with indigestion for a while.

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4. Hard Drinks & Soft Drinks

Include beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum, etc.

Include coca-cola, pepsi, mirinda, packed fruit juices, etc.

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Hard Drinks & Soft Drinks
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People very often end up drinking more than they intend to, risking health and reputation. Especially, more hard drinks intake causes vulnerability to risky and dangerous situations as well like cancer, etc. Whereas, soft drinks can never be ignored too. If you are drinking it on a daily loop, you are more likely to suffer from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and may cause severe liver damage as well. Increased fat, premature birth in pregnant women, premature aging can never be ignored as well. It is sure to make you feel regret later.

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