This New Concept Could Be The Next Evolution Of SIM Cards In India

We all know that SIM cards are very common in every phone whether it is micro, mini or nano SIM which helps in network connectivity or communication etc. But do you know that in the future we can use phones to perform these activities without the need of external SIM cards? This post is about a new concept which could be the next evolution of SIM cards in India.

What is e-SIM Card?

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e-SIM Card is an embedded SIM card or built-in SIM card which will come in the form of an integrated SIM chip that will be programmed to enable a user to easily switch between allied network carriers globally with an interface displayed on-screen. The e-SIM cards will be very smaller in size which will come already preinstalled in the devices and cannot be removed by normal users. Unlike physical SIM cards, e-SIM cards offer more flexibility to users. Instead of being locked into a cellular plan, you will be able to sign up to a new plan or switch plans instantly.

In the year 2015, Apple and Samsung at first started working with telecom operators to launch standardized e-SIM cards. Some models of Apple’s iPads were the first devices to come with a built-in e-SIM card. e-SIM Cards are yet not available in India. Actually, e-SIM mobile standards are being decided by GSMA (Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association) and there is no such standard available or released in India but it will come soon.

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Network operators like Vodafone, Airtel, T mobile and smartphone companies like Apple (For example:- Apple watch 3, many iPad variants) or Samsung (For example:- Samsung Gear S2 Watch) are already providing this facility in foreign countries.

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How e-Sim Cards Work?

The e-SIM is provider-sceptic and more than one SIM profile could be loaded on an e-SIM, selecting in a menu will allow you to swap profiles and two profiles also could be made active at the same time in the same phone.The information on it will be amenable or rewritable by all operators, meaning a user can decide to change operator with a simple phone call or through an app or phone settings. A new SIM will not be required, nor should there be any time delay in switching the e-SIM to its new purpose. There will also be no physical plastic SIM swapping over required by the user. The technology behind it is that the SIM hardware i.e. the SIM chip will come pre-installed or embedded in the smartphone or device and the information like the IMSI number, authentication keys etc which the present day physical plastic SIM cards stores can be rewritable via software in e-SIMs.


  • If you have lost your device or want to shift to a new device then in case of e-SIM cards you don’t need to change anything, just change that user id and password and you are done.
  • The sim slot may get removed which will make smartphones weigh lighter or else any new feature could be added in that place.
  • In case of phone manufacturers, by implementing this technology they can gain or develop more powerful phones as they want to compete and sell more phones in the market.
  • In terms of security, e-SIM Cards will be more secure than the present day plastic SIM cards.
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