This Gadget Can Take Your Videography To The Next Level

Gadgets have become a craze among people nowadays. With the help of modern technology new gadgets are invented to ease the day to day activities of people. People now opt for better technology for managing official works, capturing photos or recording videos, recording music, storing data’s etc. that makes their life easier. So today the topic is about a smartphones or cameras gadget that can replace your tripods, mounts or selfie sticks and take your video capturing to the next level!

What Are Gimbals?

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Gimbals are those gadgets which help you to record smooth videos while you are in motion without losing stability and being fixed. It can be the best alternative to tripods, selfie sticks or suction mounts which people use to record videos while running, walking or moving fast in a car to avoid jerking footages. Whether it is recording videos for vlogging or capturing travel moments if you want a stability or smooth footage in your videos then it is the gadget to look out for. In vibration or shaking situation this gadget can help your smartphones, cameras or even drones to shoot videos in stable motion. In case of drones, it will automatically aim at the same direction, regardless of whether the mount or craft holding it is pitching forward, left, right, etc. either due to poor flying or adverse weather conditions. If you want to add professionalism and take your photography or videography to the next level then this is the gadget you should have. Gimbals can be found as 2-axis and 3-axis gimbals. Most people now prefer 3-axis gimbals to record 360-degree videos.

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How Do They Work?

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It’s all physics when the talk is about the working of gimbals. Scientifically a gimbal is a pivotal mount that allows an object (For example:- cameras, smartphones etc.)  to rotate about its axis even under a state of external disparity by providing multi axial support for rotation. The gimbals which are used for videography are mostly 3-axis gimbals that stabilize motion in 3 axes: pitch, roll, and yaw. Gimbals use electric brushless motors to stabilize the camera in 3 axes. A motor is placed on the 3 different axes around the camera. When the gyro-sensors detect motion on these axes, the motors counteract that motion to cancel it out almost instantly. This keeps bumps and jolts from ever reaching the camera as it sits motionless in the middle of all of this activity. So a lot of complex electronics, motors, sensors comes into play to make this thing possible.


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Gimbals are found in different varieties of different gadgets. It can be found for smartphones or iPhones, DSLR cameras, action cameras(go pros), movie making camcorders etc. In case of drones, it is already inbuilt. Gimbal featured drones quadcopters costs more than the normal drones. To capture footages from moving vehicles or for run and record filmmakers, it takes recording to the next level of videography. They are lightweight and compact which helps the users to get a smooth shot of anything. It can add cinematic like effect on one’s smartphone video footage. Most people like recording with their smartphones or iPhones using selfie sticks or smartphone holder tripod on festive occasions, weddings, parties etc so they can use gimbals in place of those gadgets to record motionless videos and capture wonderful moments. Some spider cams used in stadiums to record or live telecast sports also contain gimbal technology.

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