These wonderful facts will surely make you feel proud of Assam.

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Assam always has been considered as a state of diversity in wildlife, tradition and vibrant culture. It is the mystical land rich in a variety of plants and animals.

It is also stated as the land of festivals. A mass variety of cultural activities are organized by various ethnic groups and communities.

Assam also holds its title of being an awesome travel spot. Favorite among the travelers all around the globe it’s so much more than a mere tourist destination.

Surrounded by emerald plains, intense forests and gorgeous rivers it is just of a beautiful place you could ever think of giving a visit. It has a beautiful landscape beauty that can take your awe.

The wonders are still on. The facts are shouted out loud to let the globe know about the enchanting and magnifying beauty that Assam envelops within itself.

These wonderful facts about Assam will surely make you feel proud.

1. Assam has its own national anthem.

Written By Lakshminath Bezbarua, “O mur apunar dex” is the state anthem of Assam. It is the most popular Assamese patriotic song of all times. This was first published in the year 1909 and officially adopted as the state anthem in 1927.

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The English translation of the song is –

” O my endearing country
O my enchanting country
So euphonious, so bounteous
So near and dear a country

O my euphonious voice
The melodic voice of Assam (Bharat)
Nowhere in the world, you can ever find
even if you scour through life.

O my land of birth
O my mother Assam
Let me have one, look at your face
My heart hasn’t been sated. 

2. The Chief Festival Of Assam is celebrated three times in a year.

Bihu is the chief festival in the state of Assam. Assam enjoys and celebrates its diversity, hospitality, and culture at three different times of the year in the form of Bihu.

During April, Rongali Bihu is celebrated and it is the most important one started with the arrival of the Assamese new year.

During October, Kati Bihu is celebrated as an animal festival and it is the one that reflects a season of short supplies of food.

During January, Magh Bihu is celebrated and it is the one showing the excess availability of food.

3. Assam is one of the most developing states in India.

Yes, it is true. It is developing with pace than the other parts of the country. Although the economy of Assam is largely agriculture, it’s advancement in modern science and technology can’t be ignored. Development in education competes it with the other parts of the world. It is regarded as one of the most progressive and globalized states in India.

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4. A fourth of India’s oil reserve is located here.

The oil city of Digboi is situated here. It has one of the world’s oldest operating oil refinery and the first refinery of Asia.

The Naharkatia and the Moran-Hugrijan oil field also serves in the oil economy of India. These three oil fields together contribute an estimation of being India’s one-fourth of the total oil reserves.

It is also important to note that the Oil India Limited has its operational headquarters in Duliajan, Assam. It is also the second place in the world where petroleum was discovered.

5. It has world’s largest riverine island and India’s longest bridge.

Majuli is the world’s largest riverine island. It is situated with magnificent scenic charm in the midst of river Brahmaputra. This riverine town is also the adobe of the Assamese Vaishnava culture.

Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also referred to as the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is a beam bridge connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from Dhola to Sadiya. Running 9.15 kilometers in length, presently it holds the title of being the longest bridge in India.

6. The Ahom Dynasty was the longest unbroken dynasty prevailing from Assam.

The Ahom Dynasty (1228-1826) ruled Assam for nearly 600 years. From king Sukaphaa to Purandar Singha it maintained its rigid ruling backbone over the Assam borders. This dynasty is considered as India’s longest unbroken dynasty ever in history.

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7. Assam is the home ground of the only one-horned rhinoceros found here.

Kaziranga National Park of Assam is the home ground of the Indian one-horned rhinoceros. This animal can only be seen here in its natural habitat. This also attracts tourists and outsiders for a beautiful view of this magnificent animal found here.

The Kaziranga National Park and the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam are listed in the UNESCO world’s heritage sites.

It is also important to know that Assam’s forest is the home to many of the Asia’s most important endangered species.

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