These Useful And Innovative Things Exist Only Because Of NASA.

Since time immemorial NASA’s Vision to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind as seen a lot of advancement with its vastly influenced space technology. Had it not been for the boom in space exploration, we would not have seen many of the gadgets and objects that we do really use daily.

NASA deserves a lot of thanks. Their missions to the Moon and beyond are only part of the story. Without Nasa’s scientists, life on Earth would be very different indeed.

While there are many. But, we have curated a selected list of the top seven most extremely useful and innovative ones you can just go reading without any delay.”

Here Is The List Of These Useful And Innovative Things Exist Only Because Of NASA…

1. Baby formula with dietary supplements.

In the ’80s, NASA scientists were looking for a way to use microalgae as a food supply on long space trips. This led to the creation of Formulaid which is a food additive found in most baby formulas.

It’s an algae-based supplement containing nutrients that exist in breast milk. It is helpful in developing the fatty tissues in the eyes and brain. This formula is used in baby milk products nowadays.

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2. Artificial muscle systems with robotic sensing.

NASA scientists also began looking for a way to fund the research and development of robotics. Their initiative inspired many private companies to make more advanced animal and human artificial body parts with robot sensing.

The development of artificial muscle systems with robotic sensing capabilities to be used in humanly activities in space has changed the way artificial limbs and hands are made. NASA’s development to integrate robotic artificial technology into customizable materials to make the look and feel of natural flesh have changed the way of medical treatments.

3. Solar panels to make use of the solar energy. 

Searching for the solutions for a problem to power the space stations made NASA developed the most advanced silicon-based cells to power the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST).

This modern, high-performance, low-cost technology is now used in homes across the globe as a successful alternative source of energy and as means to reduce air pollution from coal-based power generation. It made the conservative use of the solar energy to every mankind.

4. Artificial heart pump for the human body.

A pump of only one inch in diameter and weighing less than four ounces was ideal for the difficult conditions of space, but it was also made perfect for the human body.

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The development and operation of these life-saving devices require understanding and application of a combination of biology, materials science, and physics which was only possible to its development research done in collaboration with NASA.

5. Car crash technology.

This proportional technology was used to free the Space Shuttle from its rocket boosters on blast-off. The same technology was little modified and has been adapted to create quicker and more powerful equipment to save people out of car crashes.

6. Scratch-resistant lenses.

7. Water purification and filtration technology.

The best measure that was taken by NASA is their latest development of the ultimate water purification system that can turn wastewater from respiration, sweat, and urine into drinkable water. This technology comprises chemical adsorption, ion exchange, and ultrafiltration processes to make sure all the pollutants are removed and pure drinking water is served to people.

In underdeveloped and developing countries, where contaminated wells are the primary sources of drinking water, this technology comes as a boon, provided the respective administrations install the system on a large scale in the remotest areas.

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