These Seven Awesome Technical Hacks May Make Your Technology Life Easier

Technology can be time-sucking if you are not careful. You can save your valuable time by applying some technical hacks. In this post, we will state such seven awesome technical hacks which may make your technology life easier or quicker. You can share these things with your friends as well.

Here are these seven awesome technical hacks which may make your technology life easier according to our editors:

1:  If you are buying headphones/speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody song. It has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals. The constant changes to the decibel level and the tempo, as continual back and forth between the left and right speaker outputs all that makes this amazing song perfect for testing.

2: If you want to watch age-restricted videos on Youtube or bypass it without signing in due to any reason then type nsfw before youtube in the video URL link of your browsers address bar. For example:

3: If you don’t have Photoshop on your computer or don’t want to take a headache to download or buy it or even you may have fewer resources to access it then you can edit your photos online in which is absolutely free. This site is a free Web-based, Photoshop-inspired image editor and creator that offers many similar graphics-editing tools and inspiring paint tools.
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Let’s say you’ve used Photoshop before but you can’t afford your own copy. You should feel right at home with Sumo Paint, as many of its tools and palettes work like Photoshop’s. You can do your work instantly with it to make your technology life easier.

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 4: Suppose you are surfing something important on the internet and you don’t have a notebook to note down something important immediately or you don’t want to search the notepad and then copy paste into it; and want an instant solution; then open a new tab in your web browser and type:
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
 in the address bar. Then you can turn any browser window into a quick-edit notepad where you can type or save that important thing easily.

5: Want to test is your TV’s remote working or its battery is dead or not?

Wake up your smartphone and open its Camera app. Next, switch to the front-facing camera, point the remote at the camera, and press any button on the remote.
If the remote is working properly, you should see a flicker of light come from the IR blaster as viewed through your phone’s screen.
Check your TV's remote
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If you don’t see the flicker from the IR blaster, or perhaps just a very, very dim flicker, you probably need to change the remote’s batteries (And if new batteries don’t help, you probably need to replace your remote).

6: Solve Math Problems From Just Taking Picture from Camera, Download Photomath App for Android and iPhone.

7: If you’re in extreme need of some way to cool down your laptop and don’t want to spend the cash on a cooling pad, many instructors have a simple solution in the form of some overturned egg cartons.

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Flip some empty cartons over and you get plenty of airflows. Plus you won’t burn your legs if you want to actually put your laptop on your lap. It’s by no means the prettiest thing, but it’s cheap and gets the job done. An ugly setup is better than an overheating machine.

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