These Are Some Of The Weirdest Phones In The World

Many companies try to deliver unique and innovative phones to the consumers ever since the large-scale production of cellphones, but many of them lose their way somewhere in the middle. Sometimes they develop awesome new functionality or gorgeous designs to tempt us into parting with our cash. Sometimes the rush to innovate and differentiate makes them go a bit crazy and create something distinctly strange or weird. In this post, you will know some of the weirdest phones in the world!

Here are some of the weirdest phones in the world:

►Vertu’s Signature Touch Phone

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Vertu is a Britain based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones. Vertu Signature Touch smartphone was launched in September 2015. Vertu’s devices are all about craftsmanship, materials, and quality. Each phone is crafted by a single person who signs the phone, trained in the old-world way of complication watchmaking.

Vertu’s smartphone screen is made up of sapphire; sapphire is the second hardest thing on the planet after diamonds and hence you pay for that. And sapphire is five times stronger than glass. Even titanium is also used on side of the phones to protect the inbuilt chips and motherboard which is also costliest material. The Vertu’s Signature Touch phone price in INR is 6,50,000 which is much costlier than iPhones!

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Its price tag may scare many but Vertu’s phones are mainly made for the high class. Its design is a one of a kind and comes in various touches of style.

►BlackBerry Passport 

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BlackBerry Passport smartphone was launched in October 2014. It features a 4.5-inch display offering an HD resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels, which provides an amazing picture clarity. It has a QWERTY keypad which helps to text at an ease. It runs on Blackberry 10.3 OS.

It is primarily made for people looking to buy old school BlackBerry phone with latest hardware specifications. BlackBerry successfully pulled off that challenge with this unique phone. The square display means you don’t need to rotate the phone like others anymore. However, it is one of the weirdest looking smartphones available today in the market.

►BMW X6 Luxurious Flip Phone

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BMW X6 luxurious flip phone is a mobile phone in the form of remote control. It can be used with a keychain to lock or unlock BMW car. Its got the earpiece in the form of BMW grill and an old-fashioned dial pad. While rebooting and changing menus it sounds like a BMW car. Anyone would fail to recognize that it is a mobile phone in the form BMW key due to its weirdness.  

►NEWMIND F15 phone

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The NEWMIND F15 phone looks and feels like a toy car, but it actually is a feature phone, a flip-style feature phone. It comes with dual SIM slots, supports 2G and price is $24.99 that comes to approx Rs. 1,600 + shipping extra. Build and finishing is very good and body is made of metal plus plastic.

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This is a feature phone that can be used for making calls / receiving calls / sending SMS / receiving SMS. This is not a smartphone. As mentioned this is a car flip phone and the light effects and the sound effects are also that you see on a car. Also, this is one of the weirdest looking smartphones available today in the market.


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ZTE Axon M is a new kind of smartphone with dual screens which is great for multimedia. The multitasking function and ultra big-screen bring you unique experience and eye-catching effect. You have a choice of screen modes, accessible through an extra button on the on-screen Android navigation bar. You can choose to duplicate the same content on both screens, stretch everything as if there was one big screen, use the two independently just like two PC monitors, or turn the second screen off entirely.

When folded or closed, you’ll see a screen on either side of the Axon M. The secondary one will be turned off in this mode because it’s facing away from you. When you flip the phone open, the two screens line up perfectly, and that’s when the fun begins. The dividing bezel screens though distract or gain the attention of people but it’s plagued by stutter and lag, and the battery drains at double speed.

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►Nokia 7600

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Mobile phone pioneer Nokia has given the tech world some of the best-looking devices ever. However, the 7600 isn’t one of them. It had a weird teardrop-shaped body that looked quite clunky. Launched in 2003, the phone had a 2-inch display of 128×160 pixel resolution, surrounded by the numeric keypad (five numbers each on the left and the right).

Other specifications included downloadable polyphonic ringtones, downloadable JAVA games, and an 850mAh battery. This fashionable design wasn’t without its flaws, those keys made the typing and dialing quite awkward. The design wasn’t only a big failure, but also most weird of all time.


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