These are going to be the new means of public transport very soon.

Forget about planes, trains, and automobiles that we are using till now. This post is all about the new means of public transport that will be seen in the very near future.

It is always known that almost everyone has an interest in roaming and traveling around. Apart from this, going from one place to another is also one of our daily needs. In today’s time, we travel by bus, train, plane, car, metro, but very soon these means of transport will become old.

Yes, maybe you are feeling a bit weird in reading this article but it is possible that in the coming time you will not be using any of these for transport. Those options will become the things of past within the coming days.

So here is the list of these futuristic technologies that are going to be the new means of public transport very soon…

1. Hyperloop

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Hyperloop is portrayed as a raised steel tube containing aluminum cases that would travel at high speeds shipping goods and people from one place to another. It is a Tube Transparent Technology that will be seen very soon. There is very little use of electricity and it is completely pollutionless. It is also to be noted that this all would be powered by solar energy. Using this technology, people will be able to travel at the speed of 1,000 km per hour.

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2. Nuclear Power Cars

Even though today’s nuclear energy is seen as a sign of danger, an American company has taken the initiative to use it as a means of transport. This car, which works on radioactive material, will only need to fill the fuel in three to five years.
They intend to construct an auto motor that is controlled by a solitary, little piece of the radioactive material. The motor would work by centering the warmth radiated by the thorium and utilizing it to transform water into steam, turning a progression of microturbines to create electricity which will power the vehicle.

3. Supercavitation

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This will be a submarine running in the water, which can be fixed at 9,900 km in just 100 minutes. In fact, the new submarine based on the Soviet technology, its name is Supercavitation. With the help of this special technique, the submersible submarine will be placed inside a water bubble so that the problem of pulling the submarine back by water will be over.

Due to its high speeds with moderately low fuel consumption, its speed and shape would make it troublesome for SONAR to detect it.

4. Martin Jetpack

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Martin Jetpack is a single-person aircraft. It was included in Time Magazine’s top-50 best inventions in 2010. After about 30 years of hard work, a man named Martin made it and now it is ready to be bought commercially. Its speed will be 74 km/hr.

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The Martin Jetpack is fueled by ducted fans and can fly for up to 30 minutes at a time. It has a most extreme speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour and can achieve the height of about 900 meters.

5. Skylon

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It will be a plane whose attributes are beyond thinking of a common man. In the United Kingdom in 2013, it was announced for the revival of this plane with a cost of $ 90 million. The speed of its superfast plane will be multiplied by the speed of the sound.

This plane can travel faster than sound and innovators are working on it to make it a super-fast one that could travel at five times the speed of sound so that it can get out of the Earth’s orbit very easily.

6. SkyTran

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This will also be a revolutionary step in the field of transport, which will connect two cities at a speed of 250 km per hour. It has been prepared by NASA and will work on the basis of the magnetic field. Its maintenance costs and noise pollution will be less.

Travelers will have the capacity to utilize a cell phone application to call an auto to the closest station. Autos can run freely and will take the riders near to their destinations following the SkyTran tracks. It is also to be noted that this will also be powered by solar energy as well.

7. SCARAB motorcycle

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If said simply, it will be the world’s most beautiful motorcycle. This motorcycle will have special modes for sensors, radars, GPS, storage space and parking. Its speed will also be much and much faster than those of the today’s world.

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This innovative vehicle is smooth and streamlined and dubiously bike molded, but on the other hand, it’s encased, with a lot of space for gear, and it’s controlled by either battery, biofuel, or a power module. You can drive it physically, however it can likewise explore itself on certainly committed pathways using artificial intelligence as well.

8. Self-driving car

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Google and Ford are in the process of launching a self-driving car soon. According to the news, these cars will be available in the market in 2019.

These type of cars will follow the self-driven technology based on artificial intelligence. This will eventually decrease the chances of accident and virtual errors a lot to almost nil.

9. Velo-City

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Toronto is working on the construction of a bike whose speed will be faster. It will run in all seasons and will be pollution free. Although the project was stopped for some reasons, it is expected to begin very soon.

Bikers’ effectiveness could be enhanced by as much as 90 percent, and they could achieve velocities of 50 kilometers for every hour. Velo-City, as the task is called, would likewise be perfect for icy climate atmospheres.


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