The Best Video Editing Softwares To Opt In 2018

Without video editing, all of the other aspects of video production can no longer come together to create the masterpiece that you’re trying to create. Video editing softwares are required for various reasons like for editing youtube videos, for music videos, marketing campaign video, corporate video, for professional emotion-evoking masterpiece videos etc. or anything else. Different type of editing reason’s requirement demands different types of video editing softwares from beginner to professional level.

Here are the best video editing softwares to opt in 2018 according to our site editors:

For Beginners

  • Wondershare Filmora

This application is a very useful tool for beginners which offers standard trimming, transitions, overlays, lots of effects and most importantly it has a pleasing user-friendly interface to help beginners. But it lacks more advanced and modern features like motion tracking, Multicam, and support for 360-degree videos.

  • Apple iMovie (for Mac OS X)

This software is Apple’s entry-level desktop video editing application which could help beginners who just want an easy way to put together some video clips and still images into a presentable movie. If you want your videos to be little classy or appealing without using more tools or working much in professional softwares then this application will give you impressive productions. It also supports 4K video content.

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For Intermediates(if you want to take your normal video editing skills to next level)

  • CyberLink PowerDirector

This software contains the basic videos editing tools like the above-mentioned softwares along with next level intermediate enthusiasts features like 360-degree video editing tools, new high-efficiency codecs like H.265, animated picture-in-picture templates for video collages, automatic audio ducking etc. PowerDirector is one of the fastest and most capable video-editing software to beat, among best video editing softwares.

  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10

This software has the basic video editing tools as usual with high-end intermediate level features like 360-degree VR content editing, 3D content editing, multi-cam editing, multi-point motion tracking, time-remapping, video masking, audio ducking, and 4K support. It is a great intermediate level product which is well designed for powerful video editing with the help of advanced video editing techniques which nearly pushed it up to the professional level but still fell short by a near margin.

For Professionals

  • Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects

These two softwares from Adobe are among the best professional video editing softwares for Windows PC if you want to produce top class videos. It’s easy to learn & use if you had intermediate level video editing experience earlier. It has everything today’s pro video editor needs and you will get very effective output for sure. This industry standard video editing software contains features like 360 VR content, 4K (and higher), HDR video editing, and the Lumetri Color tool etc. These softwares can do everything the professional video editor needs, and Adobe’s pro video editing software takes the lead when it comes to collaboration features.

  •  Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s professional-level video editing software Final Cut Pro X’s interface is more innovative in some ways in comparison to Adobe’s products. It treads a fine line between beginners who want more power for their video-editing projects than iMovie offers and professionals who create content for movies and TV. This product adds some very helpful tools like a powerful 3D titling, trackless timeline, auditions, and clip connections that can ease the work of editors.For video enthusiasts on the Mac, Final Cut is a very good upgrade from iMovie for high-end video editing.

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