Some Of The Strange Medical Treatments Of All Time.

The Medical history is undoubtedly full of curious stories, procedures, strange remedies, formulations, outlandish cures, and beliefs. In other words, the history of the medical times is filled with stories of strange tonics and some of the most curious cures.

The times of history is strangely filled with hilarious and bizarre stories, facts and myths of medical treatments. Some of the unconventional medical procedures continuing since the past are still in use today in some of the untouched and distant parts of the globe.

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Here, we bring you some of the strange medical treatments of all time. Check out the top selected list of some of the ancient medical remedies.

1. Dead mouse paste for toothaches.

In ancient Egypt, doctors used to mash a dead mouse with other ingredients and put this paste right onto the aching tooth or the swollen gum to relieve pain.

According to the Egyptians, dead mice were an effective remedy for toothaches. But, this treatment never cured the pain but led to even more serious problems. Applying rotting objects to exposed blood vessels and nerves could turn a pain into an infection.

2. Farts in a jar to cure plague

Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The Symptomsof plague includes fever, weakness, and headache.

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Doctors at the ancient times believed that the plague was caused by deadly air vapors. Hence, they fould a remedy and thought that if a patient could somehow dilute the polluted air with something equally potent, like a fart, then it might reduce the chances of contracting the illness. So they advised their patients to store farts in a jar and smell them to cure the illness.

3. Crocodile dung as birth control.

In ancient Egypt, crocodile dung was a contraceptive. Dried dung was inserted into the vagina to form an impenetrable barrier during sexual intercourse.

Ancient Egyptian women used to mix the crocodile dung with fermented dough and then they used to put it inside their vaginas for blocking the sperm going inside.

4. Dog poop to cure sore throats.

During the middle ages, dog poop i.e. the dog’s excreta was a popular treatment for a painful throat aches. It was mixed with honey to treat inflammations of the throat.

The dried poop was crushed and blended into a powder and mixed with honey. Then this powder(mixed with honey) was used externally used as a plaster and spread on the skin to close and heal wounds.

5. Eating dead humans as medicines.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Europeans ingested remedies containing human bones, blood, and fat from corpses as medicine for everything from headaches to neurological disorders.

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Mummies and other fresh human remains were also used as a common ingredient in European medicines and remedies. Skull was one common ingredient to cure head ailments. Human fat was also used to cure some of the infected wounds.

In it also important to note that, during those time the dead bodies were preserved and would then be sold in street markets for a heavy price.

6. Snail syrup for coughs and other ailments.

Syrups prepared from snails have been used as medicine for ages. Our ancient ancestors proposed the use of snail mucus to treat pain related to burns, swollen accumulation of pus, and other wounds.

In the 18th century, snail syrup was believed to cool, thicken, consolidate, and strengthen the nerves, and cure coughs, asthmas, spitting of blood and consumptions. This syrup was also used to cure dermatological disorders, tuberculosis, nephritis and also in alleviating chronic pain.

7. Urotherapy practice of drinking owns urine.

It is a type of homeopathic cure. There’s absolutely no evidence of urine therapy being able to cure ailments.

People with bizarre beliefs still claims that urine contains antibodies that can help the body fight against everything from cancer to AIDS, while no thorough scientific pieces of evidence are present regarding this theory.

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