Sex With Animals! These Things You May Have Never Heard Before.

I am a bit excited writing about this topic. This post is all about the unheard things about people having sex with animals.

In this post, you will know those very things and stories all related to the topic. And, I bet that you may have never ever heard about these topics before.

Here we will talk about bestiality. For those, who do not know what the term bestiality means then, first make the term clear to all. In simple and more common words, bestiality means the act of sex between a human and an animal. Bestiality is also termed as zoophilia from the past decades.

First of all, let’s start with a common query. Is bestiality legal? Yes! of course, bestiality is illegal in a lot of places. It is illegal in almost every state but certainly doesn’t stop some people from having fun with their pet animals.

Bestiality does exist in many of the countrysides from all around the world, but is quite a niche paraphilia, and illegal in a lot of places.

sex with animals

Sex With Animals! These Things You May Have Never Heard Before.

So, will make it short for you to understand and know all about it at a glance. So, let’s get started.

A Short History Of Bestiality.

Glimpses of bestiality are seen from the prehistoric era where portrayals of people and creatures in a sexual setting show up inconsistently in European rock art. In mythology too it is depicted a lot.

In some prehistoric data, it is seen that there is a legal prohibition of bestiality like those of the Abrahamic religions and also in the holy books of the Hebrew Bible. A glance of severe restrictions is seen there which also imposed many kinds of penalties and other punishment like the death penalty on both the person and animal involved into such act of bestiality.

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Various depictions of human bestiality acts are seen very often in places like in the Vale do Côa in Portugal, Coren del Valento, a cave in Val Camonica, Italy,  Sagaholm, a Bronze Age cairn in Sweden where you can find the various rock arts and sculptures showcasing the act of bestiality.

In the mythology of the greeks too, there were various Gods and goddess. They were like those powerful beings that can do anything they like to do according to their wish. Just like this, they too liked having sex with animals and so did whatever they liked doing.

So, these pieces of depictions from the remains of the prehistoric era and many of the others all from the middle ages as well, show that bestiality had been a common act from the early stages of mankind.

You can read more about the full history of bestiality from Wikipedia To Know.

What is the significance of doing sex with animals?

Frankly speaking about, it is just insane. People having no control over themselves and their lust of having sex results in such an act of bestiality. People finding themselves engulfed with sadness, depression, frustration, and loneliness performs an act like this.

So, speaking in simple words, there is no significance for a normal human being to have sex with an animal. Its complete madness for a person to perform such an act. However, in some cases, we can see that those who often do not get a sex partner, or just want to have an orgasm perform such acts with their loving pets.

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Outstanding Facts & Figures About Men Having Sex With Animals.

A recent study was conducted and later it was analyzed with a total of 114 men which showed that they were actively interested in having sex with their pets.

A 21 years old computer salesman said,

I find the company of animals more pleasing that that of the humans- there’s less stress, fighting…Love with an animal is how love should be-a lot less complicated with no strings attached.

A total of 93% of men were bestiality lovers and they had a genuine interest in having sex with animals.

It was also seen that an increasing number above 58% of the men who identified themselves as bisexual with respect to their interest in animals.

A sum of 63% of the men was already reported in having a previous sexual experience with their dogs. Not only this, something around less than 29% of men had a previous sexual experience with their horses.

It was seen that 81% of the men had oral sex with their pets, 75% of the men had vaginal intercourse with a female animal, 68% of men masturbated an animal and 52% received anal intercourse from a male animal.

It was also seen that 83% of men had completed college education. And it was finally analyzed that 99% of men said that being drunk had nothing to do with their zoophilic interest. They all liked to perform such an act of having sex with animals.

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Is it a crime to have sex with animals?

In many parts of the globe, it is illegal to have sex with animals. Whereas, in some other countries there are no such governing laws are present to prohibit having sex with animals.

There are often many cases coming out with numerous complaints of people performing sex with their pets in various parts of the globe. In some countries like South Africa, South America, Germany, Finland, Mexico, the USA, Denmark, etc. there isn’t any law to ban having sex with animals.

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There are so many arguments to justify the criminalization of bestiality:

  1. It isn’t right for an individual to take part in sex with a living being that is incapable of consent.
  2. Animals, cannot express their wish to not to continue their sexual activities with a human. Therefore, it must be declared illegal.
  3. Animals, they cannot express their mindset and feelings they are having while being pushed into such an act of bestiality. This may also be the reason for the criminalization of bestiality.

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