Role Of Microsoft DirectX, Dot Net framework And Visual C++ For Running Games


Games are played on a huge mass nowadays. It has emerged into Esport where best gamers go professional and participate in top esports tournaments. PC gamers always check their game settings if it is causing any lag or not running smoothly and also check if any softwares are missing to execute the game smoothly. Some games run without additional software whereas there are other new or latest games that contain heavy new codings and algorithms which need additional software to run the games smoothly on PC. Different types of games have a different type of coding, functions or algorithms. It is difficult for the developers to develop different types of codings or functions for different types of PC’s configurations or hardware. To make it easier for the developers Microsoft developed DirectX, Microsoft Dot Net Framework, Visual C++.

DirectX is a collection or set of APIs that means Application Programming Interfaces which acts as an interface between your hardware and game. It is a software which contains the library of all the codings, algorithm or functions with which the developer will get resources to write Windows based application software that accesses different hardware or PC’s configurations easily through the game. It makes a path for the developer to connect those functions and codings which looked different between game and hardware. It is mostly used for game programming but it can also be used for multimedia or videos. Most gamers think that this software is important for games to run smoothly. Yes, it is true because most of the latest games nowadays possess latest algorithms and codings and to run on different hardware you need to install DirectX because it locates the codes or files which were missing on your hardware or graphics card or whatever needed to execute the game properly and run smoothly. It is a platform for the games to run smoothly on different configurations or hardwares. The latest version of DirectX will contain more updated features from the previous one. DirectX 10 and 11 are mostly used nowadays. DirectX 12 is the latest version till date which does not support every game but contains the best features and latest updates till date. Some latest games are releasing nowadays with DirectX 12 supported.

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Dot Net Framework,DirectX,VisualC++

Now what about the Microsoft dot net framework or Microsoft Visual C++? Are they same like DirectX? Whats their role in gaming?

No, they are not same like DirectX but they do have some relations because sometimes these softwares come together with graphics drivers or DirectX full SDK files. Actually, these softwares are platforms to make the developers friendlier or easier for coding games because these softwares contains functions and algorithms related to games which can be used for coding. All about providing safe access to the developer to develop codes related games which will support the hardware or system configuration. Visual C++ is a powerful programming language software for executing dot net framework programming easily. Developers use it to write powerful dot net framework applications. Dot Net Framework provides a comprehensive programming model for building most of the games on Windows, and if you haven’t installed the appropriate one or if you uninstall the file by accident, the game you’re going to play won’t be loaded properly. So when you find an error showing .dll  or .net framework files missing after attempting to start a game then you should know that you have not installed DirectX or Dot Net framework on your operating system. Sometimes if a error appears that Visual c++ say 2010 version is not installed  on your OS then you should know that you have not installed the redistributable Visual C++ version needed to execute the game. So install the latest versions of these three softwares to run the games on your PC without any errors related to the inavailability of these softwares.

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