Ridiculous facts you should know before visiting North Korea

North Korea is officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Kim Jong-un is the only supreme leader of this country. People wonder about this place but aren’t really sure they’d ever want to visit.

Here are some of the ridiculous facts about North Korea you must know before visiting North Korea.

  • State approved haircuts

There are only 28 state-approved haircuts in North Korea. For women, there are various styles to choose either longer or slightly curled but married women are strictly instructed to keep their hair short.

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However, men are instructed not to grow their hair longer then 5cm but can be shorter than 2cm. older men may have their hair up to 7 cm long provided it falls under one of the approved styles.

Leader Kim Jong-un is exempt from this approved haircuts list.

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  • Fake village

On the border of the North Korean half of the demilitarized zone, there is a fake propaganda village called Kijong-dong, the Peace village. The village was built in the early 1950s by North Korea as a ploy to lure South Koreans to the country with beautifully painted dwellings.

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The village can support roughly about 200 families, provided childcare, schools, and hospitals but it has been uninhabited for a long time. The windows of 0ther buildings of this village have no glass and the lights are set automatic to give the illusion of a functioning village.

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  • Different year calendar

North Korea does not follow the Gregorian calendar like most of the countries in the world. Instead, they use Kim Il-Sung’s date of birth, referring to it as the Juche calendar.

So instead of it being 2017 at present according to our calendar, it’s only the year 105 for them. Kim Il-sung was born on April 15, 1912, which is used as Juche 1 and continues from there. But they use the same number of days in a month and the same number of days in a year according to Gregorian calendar.

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Moreover, They have their own time zone which known as Pyongyang time.

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  • Punishment span across “Three generations”

North Korea follows “three generations of punishment” rule in which anyone violated any rule of North Korea or found guilty of committing a crime is sent to prison along with their children, parents, and grandparents to work with them.

The subsequent two generations would take birth in the camp and live their entire lives in the prison and die there.

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  • Elite city (Pyongyang)

Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. Its population is nearly about 3 million, however, this city is not open for everyone.

Only healthy and wealthy citizens high ranking and officials of the country are allowed to live their luxury living in this city which means they were supplied with a little more food than everyone else and have electricity for a few hours a day. While some other cities are not connected to the electrical grid at all.

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Armed guards patrol the border to keep the lower class people from entering the city.

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  • Reading bible or watching porn is punishable

According to international Federation for human rights, thousands of executions have been carried in North Korea since the 1950’s with most taking place over the past two decades.

Crimes punishable by death can be anything that violates any existing rule of the country which includes reading the bible and pornography.

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  • Election Ballots feature one candidate

Elections take place in every five years in North Korea, but only one name appears in the ballot list. Citizens aren’t given much choice. Actually, they aren’t given any choice.

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Voting is mandatory for the citizen and offers precisely one option in the ballot. The candidate has nearly about 100%  voter turnout alongwith 100% support for Kim Jong-un.

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