Revealed – Why does Indian bride enter the bedroom with a glass of milk on their fourth night?

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Wedding is often considered as the meeting of two souls together. It is one of the happiest and incredible moments in the life of a girl and a boy. It is then when life shows a turning reality with a new life to start on.

It is a significant ritual according to Indian traditions and customs. This tradition also extends to Jains, Buddhists, and Muslims too. It marks a new era of life when the couple takes the assurances and blessings to stay together until the end of their life.

Suhag Raat is one of the significant and auspicious rituals marked after marriage in the life of a newly married couple. It is also known as the “Fourth Night” because this ritual is observed on the fourth night of marriage.

Prior to their fourth night,

  • The bride and bridegroom are assumed to have never experienced sexual activities before.
  • The bed is decorated with flowers, sprayed with auspicious perfumes and the interior of the room is designed in an attractive way marking the start of a sweet and holy relationship.
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According to Indian rituals and customs, milk and milk products always have been considered as auspicious and pure before starting a good task or life. Here, milk is used for such a cause because it is also said that by sharing the glass of milk both the girl and guy promises to share all their sorrows and happiness till the end of their life.

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Why does Indian bride enter the bedroom with a glass of milk on their fourth night? There are four reasons that will reveal this.

1. Drinking milk is considered as a symbol of good fortune.

The newly married bride is considered to bring good luck and purity to the bridegroom and his family. She marks the holy path leading to the arrival of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Raring cows used to be the livelihood of the ancient Indian farmers. Milk and milk products prepared from their milk were considered as a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

That ancient belief still persists, taking into consideration the serving of milk by the bride to bring wealth and fortune to the grooms’ life.

2. Milk restores the loss of energy after the long and tiring wedding rituals.

Drinking milk lowers high blood pressure, stress and body weakness.  It acts as an antacid and reduces the liver’s production of cholesterol leading to better comfortability to perform with ease.  Lowering the body heat after tiring work can’t also be neglected.

Indian wedding is almost extremely tiring due to many rituals and customs. Filled with good nutrients and essential amino acids it relaxes the body and restores the energy and enables one to have a good night’s sleep.

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3. It Maintains a steady sexual drive with an increase in ejaculation time of man.

Milk is often used in various Hindu rituals and customs. It is considered to be a purifying agent marking the beginning of something good.

It marks the beginning of their sexual life, seeking the act as a mark of holy purification.

It provides energy to maintain a steady sexual play with an increase in ejaculation time of man.It also reduces the body heat and maintains the normal metabolic activities during their sexual conjugal relationship.

4. It boosts up the sex hormones.

Milk plays a major role in male sexuality and reproduction. Vitamin A in milk helps to boost up the sex hormones both testosterone and estrogen and these two hormones support better sex. It also strengthens the cell multiplication and elasticity of reproductive tissues. It is important for re-productivity so that both the sex drive and the offspring is strong.

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