PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming: What Are The Advantages Of Each Platform Over The Other? Which Is Better?

In this post we will discuss about an interesting topic; PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming: What are the advantages of each platform over the other and which one is better!

Aspects Of A PC Intended For Gaming With Its Advantage Over Console

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*Customization or upgradability: You can customize your PC as your wish by lighting your cabinets to look sick for so-called a gaming cabinet. You can customize settings as you want to run a high or low-end game on your PC. You can also upgrade your components as you wish to support top-notch games for better performance.

The ability to customize the experience in most games through settings, which in turn gives you the choice between higher FPS or nicer visuals. Then there’s FOV slider, key-rebinding, and .ini tweaks etc.

*Backwards Compatible: PC is the only platform where you can play a game from a decade ago whiles playing it on the latest system and never purchase the same game twice. On PC, there isn’t any reason to use this term, since every game ever made for PC is compatible with new hardware. There is no PC1 and PC2. You can play both old and new games on a PC. There are very few restrictions on what you can do.

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*Better Controls: It’s already proven that the mouse & keyboard is way more accurate than a controller. Another great thing is you can customize the controls way more on PC. Keyboard and mouse allow for better control in FPS games, makes other genres like strategy games easier.

*Graphics: There’s no doubt that PC usually looks better than a console. Games are usually sharper, higher resolution, 60 fps etc. You can opt for better components to give you the best graphics in comparison to the console permanent graphics settings.

You can optimize the graphics of the games on your pc whereas in a console you can’t. Though a console could be cheap in comparison to high-end PC builds but there are many games which run better on the same budget PC build like the price of a console.

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*Online play is free: A PC won’t charge you monthly to play the games you have already paid for since there’s inherently no reason to do so, other than milking consumer money where it can be milked. You can play online multiplayer for free after you buy a game.

*Price of games: Price of pc games are way cheaper than console games. If you still think the prices are higher for you to buy a game then wait for steam sales. It happens 3 to 4 times in a year and you can buy many AAA titles for more than 50% discount.


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*Not so easy to use or could be confusing sometimes: One of its drawbacks is it may not be user-friendly like console if you are new to PC. You may have a problem with running a game on windows or you may have hardware problems. Then you have to spend a lot of time fixing that, maybe you cant fix it at last then you may think the game is bad or your pc is not compatible to run it.

*PC components could be expensive: Sometimes to match the performance of a game running on console you may have to build high-end PC’s because a console version of a game is designed to give a permanent graphics or resolution which may not look equal to the performance of a same budget pc build of the price of a console.

So if you want to match that performance you will have to build high-end PC which will be more expensive than a console.

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*Hackers: Hackers are an issue on PC and while anti-cheats are getting better and better, then also hackers will never be stopped. But it’s unfortunate that these hackers decide to ruin the experience for many players.

Aspects Of A Console With Its Advantage Over PC Gaming

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*Ease of use: Consoles will always win in this area. The idea of just plug and play is still there to this day (except at updates and other stuff). If you get an error for a game on a console you can always contact support, but for PC, for the most part, you have to figure it out yourself.

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Gaming on a console is simple and straight-forward. Pop in the disk and go. You have zero control over how the game operates especially on a graphical level.

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*Rare hacker issues: This is something that you will rarely see on console(Xbox One or PSN).Many console games have strong anti-cheat system. On Xbox One, I’ve never heard about any hackers on COD, GTA etc.

*Exclusives games: There are many award-winning PS exclusive games which you will never get to see a PC version or run them on your gaming PCs.

*Portability: In case of portability they are more portable than PCs. You can carry them anywhere or at a place for gaming party with your friends.

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*Consistent frame-pacing: When a game is locked to 30fps, it’s no-go for me personally. But when dealing with a lower locked framerate like 30fps, the games on console often have good frame-pacing, which helps.


*Less mature Community than PC gaming: Not to say there aren’t immature players you will come across but the PC community is generally mature and you won’t come across that annoying 12-year-old kid on the microphone who keeps abusing you and raging at you unnecessarily. Different games produce different communities like playing a game such as Counter-Strike you can get rude players but playing a Civilization game the community is a lot more friendly and mature.

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*Online paywall(Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus,etc.): For Xbox and PlayStation, you need to pay an annual fee to play online.

Console games usually aren’t on discounts and the ones that are you probably won’t notice too much. Besides on PC, you can use other platforms besides steam so you’re not restricted to one store like on the console.

*Controls: If you are new to console gaming and don’t have the experience on how to use the controller from childhood you will surely face problems to play a game properly especially in action games. In comparison to PCs, it’s already proven that the mouse & keyboard is way more accurate than a controller.

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*Limited storage: Consoles have permanent less storages in comparison to gaming PCs which cant be upgraded in the future.

*Lack of upgradability or customizable options: If your console becomes old or if it does not support newer games, you have to buy the latest console version to run those games. In terms of PC’s, you could change or upgrade the CPU or GPU or any other parts.Although there are least to no chances of customizable options in consoles.

Editors Opinion On Which One Is Better

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PC vs Console is a never-ending debate. Both are good in its own way. Consoles are good for those who just want to play games without any confusions or problems. While in PC, as different PCs have different hardware installed, some games may or may not run good, with frequent GPU drivers update. But the main advantage of PC gaming is MODS. So, if you’re not looking into graphics and modding then the console is a better option.

It really comes down to what kind of gamer you are and what you want out of the experience.  As others have said Steam and customization is also a huge plus for PC gaming.  But if you’re more into social gaming, and by this, I mean local multi-player with your friends in the living room, console gaming wins hands down.  If your interest is RPG’s, or racing games, again console wins hands down. In terms of fps action, competitive multiplayer games PCs will have the upper hand over consoles.

So the better question to ask is what do you like to play and do you prefer gaming by yourself (though perhaps online multiplayer), or with friends, or perhaps both? You may also want a system in which you not only could game but also do official work or editings, so PCs will be more value for money in comparison to consoles in this case. Only you know your requirements . Both platforms rip your pocket more or less same in long run, so none is a cheaper option.

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