You must know about these countries where people do sex with animals

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Sex is something that everyone wants to hear about, but nobody wants to talk about it. It is what everyone wants to perform with fun and happiness.

As you reach puberty, you start developing a lot of changes in your body. You day to day life, your feelings, your relationship, status all gets affected in puberty. The sex hormones may cause you to have sexual feelings with excitement and fun but, there are some people who have crossed the limits in it.

You Must Know About These Countries Where People Do sex with animals.

1. South Africa

In this country, performing sex with animals is forbidden but there isn’t any law to ban it. There are often many cases coming out with numerous complaints of people performing sex with their pets.

One such instance was a donkey owner who caught a person having sex with his animal. The beast’s owner reported this assault to the local village headman.

2. South America

Mostly, the northern coast of Columbia has been observed for bestiality. Here, sex is prohibited before marriage. In such a situation, people there perform sex with donkeys as they need to prepare themselves for marriage. There is a strong belief that this helps to increase there genital size and allows them to perform sex better after marriage.

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3. Germany

People here call it a “lifestyle choice” while committing to having a sexual relationship with animals. It is a country where sex movies with animals are illegal, but there is no problem with the laws of sex with them.

In a case, a German farmer noticed that his flock of sheep was scared to come near humans. He investigated into the matter and found that one of his neighbors used to perform sex with his sheeps at night.

4. Finland

In Finland, it is legal to have sex with an animal. Finland legalized bestiality in 1971 to get rid of the mentally ill and lonely citizens who must get some sexual fulfillment from their pets.

5. Mexico

Bestiality in Mexico is legal. Here, the government organizes a festival where people have sex with their asses. They enjoy the fun and competition with the assholes. And the bestiality doesn’t stop there. The rural parts of Mexico are also observed with such bestiality acts.

6. United States Of America

In the US in 2000, legislation has been passed that people of the country can relate to animals. After this, there was a case that would surprise you. A man was having sex with a horse. But this time he died. The reason for the horse’s genitals was quite large. There was also a video of the death of this man who was viral on social media. Despite this, there has been no change in this law and even today, sex with animals in America is legal.

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7. Denmark

In 2011, there was a survey in Denmark that found that nearly 17% people preferred to have sex with animals there. After this, the government there kept the fee for it. Which was between $ 8 and $ 17. These fees are based on animals. About 74 fishers came to the streets against this. Which meant that about 26 percent of the people were with it. This big figure was for implementing it.

It even seems that India too is not behind it. Many cases come out here as well. For instance, one such was a boy who has had sex with a sheep. Another ridiculous one was when a drunk man raped a puppy with a painful harassment.

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