Multiple Universes, A Myth Or Reality!

multiple universes
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Multiverse is a theory that there is a presence of another earth or a presence of another alternate reality.

Around 14 billion years ago, our cosmos was an infinite singularity.Some unknown factors caused it to expand and explode into a three-dimensional space. As the immense energy is cooled of this expansion cooled and light began to come through.Eventually, the small particles began to form into the larger pieces of matter such as galaxies, stars, and planets.

We humans always ask a question that are we the only human beings in the universe. We are closed in a big bowl(universe) unable to see what outside of it i.eoutside of the universe. With our technology, we cant observe what is outside of our universe.

Ancient thinking of multiverses:

The idea of a multiverse isn’t a recent topic,  The earliest hints of the multiverse are found in two ancient Greek schools, the Atomists, and the Stoics. The Atomists, whose philosophy dates to the fifth century B.C., argued that that the order and beauty of our world was the accidental product of atoms colliding in an infinite void. The atomic collisions also give rise to an endless number of other, parallel worlds less perfect than our own.

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The Atomists stated that an atomic collision gave rise to numerous worlds just like ours; but less perfect.

Ancient Buddhists said that our world is one of many, each undergoing its own infinite cycle of creation and destruction.

Modern beliefs about multiple universes:

° Bubble universe: In this bubble theory, there could have been other events such as Big Bang events going on, so far away that we can encounter the events. We believe that our universe was created by Big Bang theory, if is it so it is expanding and could interact with other universe created by the same way, or the distances involved are so vast that it could never meet or interact with each other universe.

° Daughter universes: This theory is mainly about probability. In the quantum world, all possible outcomes of a choice or situation not only can occur but do occur. At every branch point, a new universe is created.

° Mathematical universes: Mathematics has always considered a source through which we can express different aspects of the universe. It is possible that there could be a different Mathematical structure altogether if so there could be another universe of such structure and shape.

° Brainworlds or Parallel universesIt is one of the most popular belief in all multiverse theories. This theory tells us that we stay in three dimensions, there could be other world and universes beyond our dimension, that is in a higher dimension that we live in.In other words, there is an alternate version of ‘you’.

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° Multiverse from different universes: The repeating universe theory of multiverses is based on infinite space-time. If it’s infinite, then the arrangement of particles will always repeat themselves. In this theory, if you travel far enough, you would encounter another Earth and could meet another “ you”.

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Does multiverse really exist?

There have been many proofs, evidence, and theories through several years. For years, scientists have struggled about the ‘cold spot‘ about 1.8 billion light-years across. It is actually much cooler than its surroundings around 0.00015 degree Celsius cold. In previous years, astronomers believed that this place is cooler because it has less matter in it. They always have believed that this spot could be a supervolcano it could cluster numerous galaxies inside.

But in a recent study, it was discovered that this supervoid could not exist. They now believe that the galaxies in the cold spot are just clustered around smaller voids that populate the cold spot like bubbles. These small voids, however, cannot explain the temperature difference observed.

Though this does not drive us from the fact about the multiverse, in future we could see more exotic more proper theories that could prove its existence.


There is a strong possibility of a multiverse, even without a proper proof. There are many astronomers and researchers who strongly believed the existence of a multiverse. So we cant tell about the future, maybe we can meet the alternate versions of ‘us’.

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