Looking at this evidence, it seems that Netaji is probably anonymous.

They did not have the senses nor did we get independence, the constitution was made too, many governments came and many went too, but no one tried to take care of him, who sacrificed his life for our freedom Some still say that his death has been caused by a plane crash, and so many say that he was not killed.

In Indian history, Subhash Chandra Bose is known as a revolutionary, who had shaken the foundation of the English rule. Many times the arrests took place, but they were fired at their speed. Went out of the country and set up his army. The army, who was dreaming of liberating India from foreign soil.

But, it should be called a game of luck or its misfortune ! so far his death has not been confirmed. The government has now made a good initiative by publicizing the files of Subhash Chandra Bose. Recently there has been some such evidence that it shows that Netaji’s death did not happen in a plane crash but, it was in India only.

looking at these evidence it seems that Netaji is probably anonymous.
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What anonymity Baba was ‘Netaji’?

Anonymity is once again in discussion. Many people believe that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also an anonymity Baba. A few days ago, a number of boxes connected with him were being opened, and it seems that it was like a severe anonymity that Netaji was Netaji.

The proofs…

Those people who had met Netaji before Independence, those people believe that both face is quite similar.

Mukherjee commission has also admitted in his report that there was a lot of similarities between the absconding baba and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Subhash Chandra Bose’s luggage is present near the oblivious Baba.

Under the leadership of DM Yogeshwar Ram Mishra of Faizabad, there are 24 boxes connected with oblivious Baba, so far 14 boxes have been opened, the following things have been found. These are – Alien knife, garlands, ax, sand, spectacles, clock, letter, Novel of Alexander Dumas, Theory of Yoga, Black art, Richard Kevin, Netaji Speaks

Why did people come in the darkness of the night to meet anonymity from Baba?

Guru Basant Singh’s son Shakti Singh, who owns anonymity in Ayodhya, said, “Here the miscreants Baba came to live in 1982. He died on September 16, 1985. Those who came to meet him were very normal people, Sometimes some people used to visit the house behind, they could be of the army and also the politicians. Whatever came to meet, came in the darkness of the night and went before it was in the morning. ”

Based on reports.

Investigative Reporter V. N. Arora said, “The saints who lived in Ayodhya used to call them by two names, one God and the other people who came from Kolkata, called him Swamiji, and sometimes they spend the night at their house. When they asked where was he born? Then he would laugh and say that “My birth has definitely happened in this country, but my name has been cut off from the register.

looking at these evidence it seems that Netaji is probably anonymous.
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Who was Gumnami Baba, the man rumored to be Netaji?

The personality of Gumnami Baba keeps on outstanding a secret. And sources in the police said they were researching whether it was KD Upadhyay who was known as Kaptan Baba who was stowing away in the appearance of Netaji. The legislature, in any case, has not made any formal declaration in such manner.

Many inquiries did appear to have been the board on which rested an examination concerning uncovering the character of Gumnami Baba after he passed away on September 16, 1985. However, the investigation ended after a couple of months later without any perfect shreds of evidence.

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