Is Amazon the best eCommerce store ever?

Is Amazon the best eCommerce store ever? Go Clarify Yourself.

Anyone who has access to the internet would have definitely come across Amazon. Because it has got such a powerful brand name over the period of time. It simply reveals the amazing growth of Amazon in just 23 years. If you still don’t believe me, Amazon has got 304 million users all over the world with 30 million mobile app users every month.

That’s huge!

How did Amazon get such a huge customer base?

One of the biggest reason for the success of Amazon is their care for the customers. They respect the people’s culture and realized that the needs of the people vary differently depending upon their demographic. And, that’s the reason, Amazon is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Turkish.

Can we get to know more about Amazon?

The following infographic will give you a complete picture of Amazon. Check This Infographic Here- Link

Amazon was started as a bookstore. But, now they are no more just a bookstore. They have everything ranging from a small pin to the latest tech gadget. Statistics say that around 1.3 million products are added every day to Amazon and they have captured around 43.5% of USA retail eCommerce. As of July 2018, Amazon’s market capital is 887B USD.

That’s massive. Isn’t it?

It’s all because of their users.

How did users perform for Amazon?

Amazon has got a huge number of loyal customers. In fact, 80% of Amazon USA customers purchase from it at least once a month. These customers prefer Amazon because 67% of customers are satisfied with the Amazon customer service. Their impressive customer service has made people choose Amazon as their first preference. And that’s why 90% of consumers check Amazon even if they have found their product elsewhere.

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It’s not just the customers who are happy with Amazon, but also the sellers.

Are sellers really happy selling their products at Amazon?

Yes, definitely!

Amazon sellers are really happy and that’s the reason, Amazon has got more than 2 million sellers. They feel Amazon as a sales and marketing tool because 47% of these sellers use Amazon to acquire new customers and 65% of sellers use Amazon to increase sales.

And if you are a seller and sell products in any of these 5 categories, then time to jump high!!!

  • Clothing, shoes, and Jewellery
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Sports & Outdoors

Because they are the top 5 selling categories at Amazon.

To be frank, Amazon is just an intermediate between these sellers and customers.

But, how do they manage to store and ship products?

Only with the help of Amazon Warehouses!

Now, you know how big Amazon is! Because they ship around 1.6M products a day. So, to maintain all these products, they need huge warehouses. Sources reveal that Amazon’s warehouse covers more than 77M square feet. And the biggest warehouse covers 1264200 square feet which are located in Schertz, Texas. To maintain these warehouses Amazon employs around 45K warehouse robots.

No wonder, some Amazon warehouses ship more than 1M items a day during the holiday rush. But, do Amazon has such huge manpower to deliver all these items?

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And, that has led Amazon to use drones for delivery.

How well Amazon Drone Delivery work?

Currently, Amazon employs drones for shipping their products. Stats reveal that the average time for the delivery package through drones is just 30 minutes. That’s quick!

But, hold on!

This is still not the best of Amazon. The fastest Amazon drone delivery was recorded at 14 minutes and 8 seconds in 2017 at Birmingham.

Since drones help Amazon deliver these products so quickly and satisfy their customers, Amazon is expanding their drones delivery. It is expected that Amazon will have 450K drones in its fleet in 2020.

And, this online eCommerce store is not the only income source of Amazon. They have got a few more profit-making businesses online. And the most profitable one for Amazon is AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web services is an online cloud computing platform. It allows individuals and companies to host their website with a monthly subscription. Amazon Web Services is so popular that it has got 1 Million active customers in 190 countries.

How trustable is Amazon Web Services?

If Amazon Web Services is not a trustable service, then it wouldn’t be used by 600 government agencies worldwide.

And, also it has been used by some popular companies like Unilever, Netflix, GE Oil & Gas, Kellogg ’s, G4S, etc…

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How good Amazon performs against its competitors?

Amazon has got many competitors like Walmart, eBay, Alibaba etc. But, not to wonder, Amazon is far better than all them in many aspects. To notice,

  • Amazon has got 2.1 times more visitors in the USA than Walmart and eBay.
  • And, it has got 1.7 times more customers than eBay.
  • Also, Amazon’s unique users are 5x more valuable than that of eBay’s unique users.
  • Amazon has 15 times more employees than Alibaba.

As we know, Amazon was initially famous for their books, they did not fail to win against their eBook competitors. Sources reveal that Amazon sells 9.2 times more eBook units per year in the USA than the Apple iBooks.

Wrapping Up:

Amazon has grown up as the eCommerce giant in the last 23 years. It is not so easy for any of their competitors to capture their market share in the near future. And hence, Amazon will continue to conquer the eCommerce industry.

Thus, with no doubt, Amazon is the best eCommerce store.


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