India’s top mysterious places you may dare to visit

India, the country of diverse traditions and cultures has always been a land of mystery. It’s rich culture, history, and the millions population still believe in the metaphysical and paranormal talks, stories and places.

India has numerous secrets and mysteries buried deep within it. These bizarre places are the one of a kind that either leaves people wide-eyed with shock and freaking strangeness when they had known and learned about these mysterious places.

While there are many and many of strange and mysterious places in India yet the top mysterious ones are all awkward and full of curiousness. We have curated a list of selected top 7 most mysterious places present in India you can just read quickly without any delay.

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Here is the list of India’s top mysterious places you may dare to visit.

1.  The Magnetic Hill Of Leh, Ladakh

Ladakh, one of the most magnificent place. The one-word name that creates its own image in our minds with a perfect title of being a tourist spot.

It is where the magnetic hill is present. This place is situated at an altitude of about 11,000 feet above sea level.

The unusual and mysterious thing is that one can drive the car up with car’s engine being turned off.

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2. The Village Of Twins, Kodinhi

Kodinhi, a small village located in Malappuram, Kerala is given the title of the ‘Village Of Twins’. The extraordinary fact about this village is that of the strikingly large number of twin births occurring here. Not only this, it is also interesting to note that women from Kodinhi who are married outside this village also have multiple births.

3. The Land Of Black Magic, Mayang

Mayang also was known as Mayong meaning ‘illusions’ is the land of black magic. It is a small village located in  Morigaon district of Assam. It is one of the curious tourist attraction because of its history, magic, and culture that it has buried with itself.

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Magic like the local legends flowing with times, disappearing man in front of eyes, turning a man into an animal and much more are done by the art of black magic practiced from generation to generation by the people of Mayang.

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4. The Village Without Doors, Shani Shignapur

Located 35kms from Ahmednagar, Maharastra, this small village of Shani Shignapur is known for its popular Shani temple. Here, the villagers have full faith in their God, the Shani Dev so much that they have completely entrusted their safety under his hands leaving their homes and commercial buildings with no doors at all. Here, the banks have also opened ‘lock-less’ branch, taking note of the near-zero time rate.

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5. The Place of Suicidal Birds, Jatinga

Located in an otherwise quaint and picturesque little village being nestled amongst the Borail Hills of Assam, Jatinga experiences a bizarre, sad and shocking phenomenon every monsoon.

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Every year between September and October, especially during dark and foggy nights, hundreds of migratory birds fly full speed towards trees and buildings, poles and finally crashing to death.

Jatinga is one of those strange places to visit in India and it has still remained one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

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6. The Visa God of Chilkur, Hyderabad

Located in Chilkur, Hyderabad the Balaji Temple has the title the Visa spot in India. The 21st century God of the Balaji Temple has the power to grant you a Visa to the US.

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Every kind of person even those from other religions can be seen here bowing before the Visa God and begging for a visa. Many dollar-driven people and devotees come here to take the blessings of Visa Balaji before their Visa interviews.

Believe it or not, but people soon end up getting the one for them. This has landed the temple in the list of mysterious places in India to give a visit.

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7. Tulsi Shyam, Gujrat

Tulsi Shyam is located on the border of Amreli district and Junagadh district, in the Gir forest national park in Gujarat. There is a 15o meter stretched anti-gravity road here where the vehicles start moving upward if left in free gear. It is also seen and constantly reported that the travelers who tried pouring water on the road found the water flowing upward due to the anti-gravitational pull.

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There is a hot sulfur spring near the temple that is believed to have curative powers. There is a stretch of road near the place where Gravity Hill phenomenon is observed.

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