How To Use 100 Percent Of Your Brain Power And Intelligence?

You may have heard that people just utilize 10% of their mind and that if by chance you could us anything more than 10% of your brain and intellectual thinking, you can do as such substantially more than others actually can’t. You can turn into a super-virtuoso genius person who actually has the capabilities of personality perusing, mind reading and much supernatural power.

The reality is that,

  • We only use 10 percent of our brain.
  • We all have memories that feel as vivid and accurate as a snapshot.
  • Our memory gets wiped slowly as we get older.
  • We have five senses.
  • Brains are like natural supercomputers embedded in our head.

how to use 100 percent of your brain power and intelligence

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How To Use 100 Percent Of Your Brain Power And Intelligence? Is That Really Possible? Let’s Read About It Below.

Scientifically saying, the belief or we can also say it a myth is that we are just utilizing 10% of our brain is a misleading statement and a large portion of it is a lie. It is a half truth and half a lie belief. The main truth to this 10% use of our legendary organ is that our brain comprises of 10% neurons which help us in preparing and transmitting data while the staying 90% is made of glial cells which go about as an emotionally supportive network for the neurons and gives protection to them.

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So, scientifically it is clarified that we are already utilizing 100% of our brains however it doesn’t deal with only a single action, different parts of our brain focus on different tasks and assignments which are necessary for our survival.

Our brain only contains 3% of the aggregate body weight yet, it uses 20% of the sum total energy of the body. In the event that if it needed to work effectively and actively on any single problem then it will require so much blood flow that the other organs of the body would be denied of it and making it unthinkable for the body to control itself leading to a survival crisis. The most piece of our brain is occupied with controlling all the distinctive sort of procedures and processes in the body.

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For instance, let’s understand the example which will help you much more to understand how our brain is already working with its 100% potential. Suppose you are reading a book. At that timing while you are reading the book your brain performs numerous different functions for the body, for example, keeping your lungs breathing, keeping up your pulse rate, helping your eyes to see and read the book or maintaining your digestion to process your nourishment. So, logical and scientific investigations have presumed that possibly only 10% of your brain would center around observing and reading while the remaining 90% will be occupied in performing other essential procedures of your body. In simple words, with related scientific evidences and reasons, we can conclude that we are already utilizing our 100% brain power in our day-to-day life.

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how to use 100 percent of your brain power and intelligence


In fact, technically speaking it is not possible to utilize 100% of our brain for a single solitary action. Be that as it may, there is a reality that the manner in which we increment our quality by strong preparing and utilizing a higher level of our brains. The abilities of your brain can be extended by keeping up your wellbeing and testing yourself to new things.

So, following these tricks like challenging your brain, proper nutrition, stimulation your brain, etc. can eventually help you to use the best potentiality of your brain. To know how to increase how to increase your brain and memory power to the next level and to make the maximum use of it, you can go and read this article here via. this link —

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how to use 100 percent of your brain power and intelligence


With regards to innovation and technology, nobody can overlook a standout amongst the most critical development that is the computers. For a considerable length of time computer scientists have strived to assemble machines that can compute quicker than the human mind and store more data, in any case, they could represent no match to the human brain and mind power. In the most recent decade however, in this race between the human mind limit versus computers, the today’s computer can stand a win. The world’s greatest supercomputer, the K from Fujitsu, registers four times quicker and holds 10x the amount of information as the human brain does. The human’s brain limit is around 3.5 quadrillion bytes while this supercomputer could store around 30 quadrillion bytes.

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Eventually, it isn’t so much that we utilize each and every part of 10 percent of our brains, simply that we only understand about 10 percent of how it actually works. A bounty of proof demonstrating that people are already utilizing their whole 100% of their brain power and capabilities directly or indirectly. In any case, the possibility that you could turn into a virtuoso or supernatural superhuman by opening whatever is left of your brain is, in fact, a tempting one.

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