How To Study Effectively? 4 proven study STRATEGIES explained.

How to study effectively and memorize your notes better? This is one of the most asked queries which is always a state of curiosity for many students. Students consider various issues in their lives, and because of most of the musings and activities, it’s hard to concentrate and focus on their daily study work. So in this post, we have furnished you with the best strategies to influence you to exceed expectations in your tests and score A+.

While you can find such strategies in many books and also across the web. The best of the best strategies shared in here this article is taken from the book “Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It by Dr. Kenneth Higbee. You should definitely read this book.

Powerful investigation habits to study and so studying smartly can be figured out how to study effectively and so improve your ability to better memorize and retain reading material in your mind for a long time using these strategies.

how to study effectively

So in this post, we have got you cleared with the best 4 proven study strategies to make you score A+ in your next exam. Still asking yourself or others, “How To Study Effectively?”… Then Go! Read This Article…

Below are the 4 proven study STRATEGIES explained serially…

1. Reduce Interference

Interference occurs often with students. It usually occurs when the information you have already learned in the past gets confused and interferes with new things you are learning at present that is almost similar to the previously learned ones. Interference causes confusion as time passes leading to mixing up of new information with those of the previously learned ones, Interference often occurs when you seat for the test or viva, you often get confused in answering the query that is asked to you.

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The tips to reduce interference are

  • Try to learn and recall past study materials. If you still get confused, try to overlearn with a conceptual level of understanding.
  • Compare things and learn. It is always a good practice to compare similar things together and study. That will gradually lower your interference between the previously learned ones and the newly learned ones.
  • Make your sentence meaningful and then study. Try to make sense about what you are learning with a conceptual basis and understanding.
  • Make a routine to study the confused materials often. Alteast, try to utilize your daily routine to go through your those study notes which you often find hard and confused to recall.
  • Try to be curious and go into the depth of something. This will reduce your interference rate at max.
  • Try to study and learn only one subject during a particular study session.

2. Maintain Your Routine

Make your daily routine and try to space out the studying for any particular subject. Don’t try to learn all at once. Maintain a daily routine and follow it sincerely as much as you can. I bet that this is the best strategy ever.

Some quick tips for you-

  • Try to learn only one thing or only one subject during a particular study session as per your routine. In fact, try to make your routine in such a way that it only schedules one subject at a time.
  • There is a limit to how long you can focus on a given set of material. If you try to learn too much at once you may not concentrate and so eventually your learning suffers.
  • Try to take breaks between your study session. This will make you focus even better.
  • Be in a good motivating mood while you sit for study. Researchers have shown that when people are in anger, sadness, etc. they cannot concentrate and focus on what they are doing.
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3. Use Whole & Part Learning

This is also one of the best learning technique in which the task to be learned is broken down into its parts for separate study and practice. This method is usually used when you try to learn a big study material. There you can divide the complete thing into chapters and then study it carefully one by one.

Want to know the Whole & Part Learning strategy. Go through these points carefully.

  • Try to study the whole thing at once and get a good hold on it once or twice carefully, later on, separate out the more difficult sections for extra study.
  • Make a summary for the better understanding of the topic, then again go back and review everything from beginning to end all at once but carefully.
  • Getting confused during the study then try to go through the previous parts again and then, come back again to study the rest. This will conceptually organize all the material in your brain.
  • Researchers have shown that it is always easy to remember the first and the last parts of any chapter or study material while those of the middle parts are complicated and confused ones. So, try to go through these parts less after having a better understanding and then go through the middle parts quite a lot to understand the whole thing further.
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4. Recitation Is The Last Part.

A recitation in a general sense is the act of recalling from memory what you have learned. It is one of the best study skills. Recitation improves your memory and helps you avoid the occurrence of confusions and illusions with what you have studied so far.

Follow these proven tips to better recite anything…

  • It is always a best practice to consider repeating the information you have just studied, out loud. It’s because verbal repetition forces you to pay better attention and will eventually help you remember things better.
  • While studying parts of a paragraph it is always better to consider reciting the already studied parts in order to recall what you have learned so far.
  • Try to recite and recall the headings of the chapter and then try to explain to yourself what you have studied so far regarding that heading.

You already know that time management, following a proper timetable, going through the various question patterns, solving problems, playing brain and quiz games, etc. are some of the known ways you can always do while following the above-mentioned strategies to master yourself better.

Want to know about the TECHNIQUES and learn how to study effectively.

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