How To Stop Overthinking By Overcoming Loneliness?

Eyes are designed to see everything, but when we link our sight with Attention, scenic awareness disappears, which leads to the thinking process. Once the thoughts overpower our whole peace of mind disappear, a sense of loneliness descends on us making more and more grip moment at which we cut ourselves from environment loneliness appear. To avoid loneliness we should always engage our mind In. Some work may it be small or big. Overthinking happens when you are not attentive when you do not understand.

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Overthinking will take you away from your real world to a fictional world and it’s very difficult to come out of it. Don’t ever be alone because loneliness is the first aspect of overthinking and many people have experienced it. Overthinking will result in depression and will lead to hallucinations if you want to stop overthinking then find a way of your own don’t try others it’s a very important thing. But don’t regret it as well because you will learn great things from it.

It depends on what kind of thought someone is overthinking. Find its weakness go and meet a friend to whom you have never met since many days that would maybe your bestie or someone else. That’s how many people got a solution. Someone said me one day that “If you think too much, you will burn calories; and moreover you are a thin boy”. “Overthinking would only benefit fat peoples to burn their calories.” then he laughed. This changed the way of thinking of mine when I met him and maybe it would also change the way of thinking of many peoples after reading this.

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One thing you have to understand that you can’t control your thoughts because it took millions of years for our brain to evolve. If you really want overthinking to get converted to thinking then try feeding your brain less information and analyze it is it necessary. See if you try to stop an ant from climbing a wall what happens it either goes from the above or by beside. The same thing happens with our thoughts. So let them go or flow like water. Then see wonderful things will happen why don’t you try this experiment, take an empty drinking glass and a water jar. Make sure that the jar is fully filled with water. Now slowly start pouring water into the glass. Continue it till the jar gets empty. And observe carefully what’s happening with the glass then you will understand what I tried to explain you.

There are different kinds of depression but studies have shown that exercising helps with depression. It might also help you with loneliness, you could go for a walk or cycling, etc. There are various activities you can do to not feel lonely, painting, listening to music, etc. Try to keep yourself busy and avoid overthinking.When you are lonely and depressed it can be hard, but you do not need someone to be there. Find something that makes you happy and live by that. Trying to be happy will soon to raise you back up

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You can usually seek for someone to lean on because somewhere out in this world, you will find a person who will listen to you, and accept you, and when you are depressed and stressed, just hope for the best and try to stay more optimistic, because in the future the whole thing you’re stressing yourself about might be irrelevant, and you might get over it with time. Sometimes when you will feel lonely and depressed, you can chat with your loved ones. This will keep your mind off the loneliness. And if you don’t have closed ones, don’t worry. We are never truly alone, the universe always sends someone.

We can’t stop our thoughts but we can nurture them. Don’t forget to appreciate after converting overthinking into thinking.


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