Ever Wondered What Happens To The Child During An Abortion.

Ever Wondered What Happens To The Child During An Abortion.

Being a mother for a woman is the most beautiful moment of her life. But think about what will happen to the woman’s heart at that time when she is told that the child should fall, in such a way it is impossible to estimate her pain.

Many times people do not want to have a baby, they do abortions. But do you know how painful and horrible this process of miscarriage is for the mother? Probably would not have thought it before. People will have heard discussions about abortion, but do not talk about the child and what actually happens to those unborn children.

Ever wondered what happens to the child during an abortion. Have you ever done so? Today, we will clear you with the terrible process that happens during an abortion. We have clearly taken the reference of a facebook post to say out this. These will also explain how the abortion is done?

Last year, a woman named Felicia Cash shared a post on Facebook, in which she said what happens to those children during the miscarriage?

Felicia Cash wrote in her post,

In July 2014, my micarriage was done, due to which my dear son Japeth Peace was dead for 14 weeks and 6 days. At that time, he had developed very surprisingly, his toes and thumb were also developed. Even his nails were starting to appear and were seen. His small and fine nerves could be seen through his thin skin, which was flowing through his delicate body. Even his muscles were visible. I say that in the half-term of pregnancy, he was not just a group of cells or just a piece of flesh, but his body looked like a human.

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What Happens To The Child During An Abortion.

In addition to this, Felicia also wrote,

I am writing this post to give the right information to those people who did not know that even in the 3-months pregnancy, the fetus develops completely. And so should not take miscarriage lightly in 3 months. Actually, I want to tell that even in a period of three and a half months, the child is not a piece of flesh or a lifeless object. In such a short time the child develops. Only 16 days after pregnancy, his small heart starts beating and pumping his blood. This means that the child’s heart starts his work even before the woman gets pregnant. While there is a misconception among people that unless they can hear the beating of the child they think their heart has not developed. Whereas the heart becomes the first and starts its work. After 6 weeks of conception, the baby’s hearing parts i.e. the ears begin to form and their nervous system starts functioning in the 7th week.

What Happens To The Child During An Abortion.

With this, she also wrote,

All these information will be easily available on the internet and in medical journals or pregnancy guides. However, for some reasons, people feel that this happens very much later in pregnancy. Maybe it is because they are being fooled by those who want to exploit them. Or it may be that by knowing all this, they also put a cover on their eyes and ears, because this truth is very bitter and this truth cannot be obstructed in some of their important decisions, so even knowing everything abortion is done by your desire.

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Finally, she addressed,

I hope these information and heart-piercing photos of my dear son will help a little more to understand the information related to pregnancy, fetus, and abortion. In fact, seeing these touching pictures of the child, it seems that the children who are aborted will be suffering.

These posts of Felicia Cash will be sure to reach their hearts which have become mischarged due to some reasons and they have lost their child.

People do not even realize that and the kill the child within the womb even before coming into the world.

These procedures are extremely painful. In this, with the help of injection, a liquid is inserted in the womb of the mother, with which the child dies. The effect of this liquid is so dangerous that the baby’s lungs and skin are completely burnt and they die. After that, the woman is delivered, after which the dead child comes out of the womb. But think, if the child still survives (this happens in many cases) then that burn and undeveloped child is treated no treatment nor is there any care, but he is left to die.

Even today, after knowing about the girl being pregnant in many countries, the pregnant woman is forced to abortion only in the homes, which often causes the woman to die. At times, abortion is done with the help of doctors of pregnant women as a result of rape. Because our society does not accept it. Because we still adhere to the violent rules and laws.

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This post was written by understanding a facebook post and elaborating it to all. This post may become old but the sound it says will be sincerely heard each and every day of life.

With reference to the facebook post by, Felicia Cash.

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