Eight Attractive Features Of Android 9 Pie To Watch Out For

Google announced the real name of Android version 9 and it will be called Android PIE – Yes, that sweet cake you always crave for. Also, Android Pie got some stunning new features, that is sure to make you very very happy. In this post, we will tell you about such eight attractive features of Android 9 Pie to watch out for that you will be able to use on your smartphones in the upcoming days!!!

Android 9 pie
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Here is a list of eight attractive features of Android 9 Pie:

1: An Easier Way To Take Screenshots

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Android ‘P’ comes with easy screenshot capture feature now you don’t have to press that annoying vol+power button to snap a screenshot, ‘P‘ provides screenshot option in power menu. Not only taking screenshot gone easy but with Android ‘P’ you can edit screenshot right after it is captured, you’re able to add text, crop and much more can be done with it. Also, you can directly share it from the same screen. Although this feature is quite glitchy in developer preview but hope Google would handle it.

2: Auto-Rotate

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The auto-rotate has seen an update too. Now you won’t be annoyed by the frequent auto rotate. Or turning on and off the auto rotate option all the time. All you need to do is rotate the screen and tap on the portrait or landscape option. This will be displayed on the corner of your phone screen. After the rotation, just tap on it and your job is done.

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3: Native Notch Support

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As 2017 was the year of the phone going bezel-less, 2018 is the year of NOTCH which is another way to decrease upper and lower bezels, with this Android ‘P’ comes with NOTCH support which allows most of the apps to adapt the NOTCH on the phone and work better.

Android ‘P’ will handle notch on phone to provide better UI experiences to the users.

4: Multitasking

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Google has made changes to the way split-screen multitasking works in the latest Android P developer preview. Instead of having to drag and drop apps, users will just have to tap on the icon and select “Split screen.” While the basic functionality is the same i.e. you can switch between recent apps and open two apps on the same screen, the way you access it has changed completely.

5: Digital Wellbeing

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This OS will offer a new ‘Android Dashboard’ which show users how much time they spend on apps through visual graphs and pie charts, including an ‘App Timer’, ‘Do Not Disturb (DND)’ and ‘Wind Down’ features. Using the App Timer, users can set time limits on apps and when the set time lapses will nudge them the user to do something else when that time is up. The DND feature silences all visual interruptions that pop up on screen.

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6: Slices

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One of the best Android P features, Slices allows users to access a functionality of an app outside the app. Suppose you type in Uber in Android P Google Search, an interactive pop-up a.k.a Slice would come up with the option to quickly book a cab to your favorite place, eliminating the need to leave your action and opening the Uber app.

7: Android Pie Adaptive Battery

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Battery life has always been an issue in people’s mind before buying phones. Android ‘P’ comes with great optimization of the battery consumption. The feature Adaptive Battery” is a mechanism known as “APP STANDBY BUCKETS” this feature is based on the unique algorithm of battery consumption of certain apps which is categorized as frequently used apps and apps which are less used.

8: Improved Notifications

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There is a new managed notification button in the notification shade which shows us the apps with recent notification and the most frequent notification. There is also an option with which we can disable the apps from which we don’t want to get notifications. You can also long tap on the notification to disable certain type of notifications. There is also an option to send multiple replies right from the notification shade.

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