Drone Cameras: The Future Of Photography, Videography And Groupfies In India

Uploading DSLR clicked photos is a trend nowadays in India and even other countries. Who will not want to have him being captured with a better-featured camera. Let’s leave aside professional photographers and talk about amateur photographers who don’t even have the knowledge to use awesome models of DSLR’s but they buy them to click better photos. It is not an area of concern though because if anyone buys a DSLR he will not have to edit the photo if he doesn’t want to because the camera itself captures better quality images. DSLR’s are common nowadays among youth. It is seen commonly used for wedding occasions, adventures, travel vlogging, get-togethers, etc and the most important to capture memorable moments. It can get you some good amount of likes too at social media! Now let’s talk about a different technology which could be our future trend for photography, videography, groupfies, etc.

Drone Cameras

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Drones can be found as quadcopters, octacopters, etc which have cameras attached to it. It can capture videos while flying. It can be used for vlogging while traveling to different places. It can record or click photos of us from sky including the environment where we are standing in. It depends upon the power of the drones to click photos or record videos from a limited maximum height. The camera quality of drones depends upon how much costly it is. It is easily movable from one place to another through a remote control with which we can capture the surrounding along with us. It can be the best option to record our memorable moments with a better view. It has just entered the Indian market but everyone is not allowed to buy it because many people can misuse it to spy other homes or VIP’s houses.

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It is not good to interfere in someone’s privacy without his or her permission.  They are banned primarily since the Indian government was worried about them being used in potential terrorist attacks by spying on government installations.  There has actually been a ban on flying drones in India since October 2014, but not everyone is really aware of it. And this has not resulted in a stop on the sale of drones in India through online e-commerce websites and even toy stores. While the cheapest drones cost as low as Rs 2,000 none of them carry any warning saying it is not legal to fly drones in India. But now the police is enforcing this law much less to allow innovation with drones in India. It is an advanced technology which can be used for security, for having an eye on important locations, for innovations in different fields by the Indian government so that’s why the government is slowly removing the full ban and limiting the models of drone cameras for the use of normal people. But it is still not a trend for videography in India as it is used by VIPs and some rare people who also need to take permission from the government to fly it. To attain growth in sales of drones first the Indian government have to think about allowing the drones which can be used by normal people. Every gadget has its pros and cons but in case of drones, the pros are seemed to be heavier than the cons. If the problems are solved then different types of companies can come with their designs and models with cheaper costs for increasing the sale of drones in India. It also can gain people more attention and likes in social medias. For photography, videography, groupfies, etc and so on it is one of the best technology ever invented. Who says? The day will be not so far for drone cameras to become a trend and craze for the youth in India.

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