Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions?

Additional dimensions and that is what beyond length, width and height. It gradually seems like the stuff of science fiction.

What would extra dimensions be like? We all know about three dimensions where we live in, surrounding ourselves. However, relativity says we live in four dimensions. String theory says it’s 10 dimensions. How do dimensions affect the reality?

Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions

What is a dimension?

Dimensions are just the number of co-ordinates(axis point) we need to describe things considering it in a spatial arrangement.

  1. Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one co-ordinate is needed to specify a point on it – for example, the point at 5 on a number line. It will be of 1-Dimension with only one axis (x).
  2. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it – for example, both a latitude and longitude are required to locate a point on the surface of a sphere. It will be of 2-Dimension with two axes (x,y).
  3. The inside of a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional because three coordinates are needed to locate a point within these spaces. It will be of 3-Dimension with three axes (x,y,z).

If we zoom in the micro level world, for atoms inside everything, the world would be in 3-Dimensions, the x, y, and z coordinates.

Points to note…

  1. Einstein theory of relativity supports time as an additional, fourth dimension. However, it is not 100% revealed as because some theorists have made predictions wilder than even Einstein had imagined with proof of the existence of only a 3-Dimensional world.
  2. String hypothesis intriguingly proposes that six more dimensions exist, yet are by one means or another are somehow hidden from our senses. They could be surrounding us, yet nestled into being so tiny to the point that we have never understood their reality.
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Taking look into all of the aspects this article is written, to bring a bright light to the whole concept regarding the dimensions of our universe.

Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions

If extra dimensions do exist then, they must be really, really small. Most likely not on huge scales, as per new research distributed on July 23 in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. The investigation found that crosswise over huge separations and across vast distances in space, the universe likely operates on the same dimensions we experience on Earth and also it does work in simply the same measurements we encounter on Earth. The outcomes are likewise helping researchers better understand and comprehend the puzzling nature of dark energy, the strange wonder and phenomenon behind the accelerating expansion of the universe.

In October 2017, a study was conducted in finding the cause of the collision of two neutron stars by a team of scientists with the help of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) to detect a gravitational wave produced in that collision. Dubbed GW170817, the event was also seen with traditional telescopes, enabling the researchers to all the while understanding the event through gravitational waves and light waves. The double estimations are enabling researchers to take in a wide range of things about our universe, including what number of measurements it may hold. The new outcomes likewise offer extra proof for Albert Einstein’s general relativity.

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While general relativity has turned out to be right on target in portraying our universe, there’s one thing it can’t clarify is that why our universe is expanding at a very fast accelerating rate. Scientists have reasoned the cause for this acceleration is due to the dark energy, but no one actually knows what it actually is. Some theories modify gravity to explain the expansion, suggesting that gravity works differently on large scales. Many of these ideas predict that other dimensions exist, and these could be probed by gravitational waves.

However, some of the notable theories modify gravity to explain the expansion and suggesting that gravity works differently on large scales predicting that other dimensions do exist, and these could be examined by gravitational waves and its wave energy.

Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions

Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions?

⭐ General relativity says gravity is working in three dimensions and in reality that is what that actually happens.

⭐ As per a large number of these speculating theories is considered, if additional dimensions do exist, gravitational waves would spread into those dimensions, making the waves to weaken as they made their way across the universe.

⭐ Extra dimensions may sound like science fiction, but they could explain why gravity is so weak. Do you know that the gravity is weaker than other forces of nature? A little piece of magnet is sufficient to make an electromagnetic power more powerful than the gravitational pull exerted by the planet Earth.

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⭐ One probability is that we don’t feel the full impact of gravity since part of it spreads to additional dimensions. In spite of the fact that it might seem like sci-fi, if additional dimensions really do exist, they could clarify why the universe is growing quicker than thus expected, and why gravity is weaker than the other alternate powers of nature.

⭐ As results were seen, scientists did not support the 10-plus dimensions predicted by string theory — a theory in physics that suggests everything is made up of tiny vibrating strings.

Final Words…

So finally, I am straight to the point and no more confusions. As of now, the universe appears to have only those dimensions we’re used to, that is the 3-dimensions. No, additional and extra dimensions that of more than 3 are yet revealed. However, in the very near future, chances are there that scientists may discover additional dimensions like that of 4D as new and upcoming theories and journals may support such existence.

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