When can every girl proudly say, ‘My country is great’.

How terrible is it to be born a girl in the world today? Every girl in this country has to think before saying ‘My country is great’. Now it can not be called a great country for a girl because here they are insecure at most places. There is no such day when newspapers do not print the news of the rape. Governments change, leaders change, but there is not much change in women’s situation.

Over the past several decades, the daily trending headlines were like the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria to the latest horror stoning of a woman in Pakistan. These types of cruel acts of violence and discrimination against women, do provide us with a plenty of reasons to see the worst aspect of things about women’s equality and safety in today’s world.

Various violent acts that are primarily committed against women are sometimes considered a hate crime that generally targets a specific group with the victim’s gender. Violence against women and girls is of that type where at least one out of every three women around the world is beaten, forcibly raped or conceived, or otherwise abused throughout her lifetime.

Will all of these still continue? When can every girl proudly say, ‘My country is great’. A country can also be called great for girls only on that day when these things will start happening for a cause of the whole.

Let’s know some all of these when she can be proud of to stay free and happy…

1. That will be when they do not have to keep pepper spray, knife etc. for safety in their bags.

2. That will be when they go to the crowd, there will be no fear that one can take advantage of the crowd and tamper with us.

3. That will be when they will not be afraid to leave home after the evening.

4. That will be when they get equal pay and salaries in the offices.

5. That will be when people stop stalking us and clinging on the streets.

6. That will be when the boys sit in the places, and they will not be afraid to sit in those same places with them.

7. That will be when they are late, they do not have to come to their papa, brother or husband to take them.

8. That will be then, whenever on a silent path, they will not care for something wrong.

9. That will be when they go out, their family members will not be so worried, as if their brother is not there.

10. That will be when a girl is born, parents will not consider her a burden.

11. That will be when the girl is more important than gaining dowry, it will be understood to teach.

12. There will be no reports of rape or sexual abuse on TV or in any other media sources.

13. That will be when a girl is not fired up alive in the greed of dowry.

14. That will be when the female feticide and female infanticide will be stopped.

15. And YES! of course, that will be when they do not feel uncomfortable because of someone else’s dirty eyes.

sexually abused daughters letter to her mother

Will there ever be a day when they can also proudly say “My country is great”? A worth to share with all. Make it a share out loud to everyone. Let the sound reach every part of the globe. 

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