Some best startups that changed India

A young company that is just in the beginning stage of development, financed by its founders or by one individual often suffers from various ups and downs in its early stage. The rate of success is what that startup just can’t give a guarantee. With an increasing employment crisis in India, there has been a massive increase of various startups in recent years. This brought light to the various innovation amongst young entrepreneurs.

They all began with incredible ideas coming out live to change the way people think or do. Ideas came, flourished and did turn into a reality facing various difficulties. It had completely changed India’s way of living.

Startups in India has started in almost every sector you can even think of. Let it be any sector, ranging from food to travel to clothing or anything; entrepreneurs had just craved and lifted themselves having matched with an amazing startup idea.

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For lots of starters, it seems a massive difficulty in raising the funds needed to run their dreams. The money limitation for investment creates an impact in the growth of the young startups often leading to demotivation amongst the founders. Those who can handle the pain with patience and believe wins the race.

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Here is a list of Some best startups that changed India :

1. Flipkart

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Founded In 2007, By Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal…

Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal
Image Of Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal

It is where online shopping is made easy and comfortable and where the product guarantee sounds high is where Flipkart thrives. This startup is making its praise-worthy route into the higher growth day after day. Inspired, by America’s e-commerce giant Amazon, Flipkart became leading e-commerce giants of India and made online shopping in India lovely and hassle free.

2. Paytm

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Founded In 2010, By Vijay Shekhar Sharma…

Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Image Of Vijay Shekhar Sharma

It is where online shopping in India reached a new level. Encouraging cashless and pocket-friendly economy is one of the major impact created by Paytm into the life of the people. It is due to the innovative thinking of Vijay Shekhar Sharma that we got transformed into a new and unimaginative way in making cashless payments and transactions come true.

3. Ola

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Founded In 2010, By Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati…

Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati
Image Of Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati

It is where hiring a vehicle for a tour made easy and hassle free. Ola came up to ease the traveling making a change in India’s lifestyle travel. Ranging from a simple to luxurious car you can book any vehicle according to your needs via. Ola. A lot of people have also gained employment registering themselves as Ola drivers. These all came to life because the founders had made it possible.

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4. Zomato

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Founded In 2008, By Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah…

Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah
Images Of Deepinder Goyal & Pankaj Chaddah

It is where online food ordering is made easy and comfortable, Zomato thrives. This restaurant search and discovery service hosted virtually in the form of a website provides information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus. Checking on Zomato is the first done thing people depends on before planning a new place to eat.

5. Oyo Rooms

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Founded In 2011, By Ritesh Agarwal…

Ritesh Agarwal
Image Of Ritesh Agarwal

Oyo is a brand name when it comes to booking a hotel without any hassle at affordable prices. It is the first choice that enters someone’s mind before planning a trip and booking a hotel. It is where availability of hotels for people and conference halls or meeting rooms for business people made easy. It changed the way we executed for booking a hotel with ease.

6. Practo

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Founded In 2008, By Shashank ND & Abhinav Lal…

Shashank ND & Abhinav Lal
Image Of Shashank ND & Abhinav Lal

It’s where finding a doctor is made easy and comfortable. It’s where you and your family get asses to their health issue by finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, ordering medicines, storing health records or learning new ways to live healthier. It’s all possible due to this startup. It helps you to come across the available options near your locality. Choosing the best options according to the charges and comment ratings by other users is made possible via. Practo.

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