Augmented Reality Gaming : The Future Of Gaming Is Here

What is Augmented Reality and What is Augmented Reality Gaming?

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In augmented reality, you need to accurately locate yourself and they co-locate real/virtual objects. It’s hard enough to head track while generating a virtual world so you don’t feel sick or lose your sense of immersiveness. It will be hard to create real/virtual objects at the level we expect in CGI games. Augmented reality is semi-virtual which allows developers can create images within applications that blend in with contents in the real world. Both virtual reality and augmented reality looks similar to the goal of immersing the user. With AR, users continue to be in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects around them. Augmented reality could be bigger, but might take longer to get there.

And now about future, exactly in which countries VR&AR will be more popular. The weight of innovation for AR and VR is in America today, with an unsurprising bias towards the West Coast. There are significant concentrations of development in Asia, with the Chinese market, in particular, giving rise to many homegrown competitors. Where higher than average AR/VR revenue per user is likely to come from North America, Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea installed base is generally the ultimate driver of long-term revenue. Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, others) could drive AR/VR revenue by 2020, followed by Europe and North America. This geographic potential has not escaped the notice of entrepreneurs and investors, as everyone tries to figure out where to place their bets.

Augmented reality gaming is a whole new thing. Whether using toys like the Google Glass or your mobile device as the interface programmers can create a whole new gaming experience. Unlike traditional computer generated games where the whole game universe is generated the augmented world had to mix reality with graphically generated data. That’s not only a cool challenge but also a game designer’s nightmare.

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How Augmented Reality Gaming works?

Augmented reality is one of the great technological advances that will impact the lives of everyone, especially gamers. The basic idea of this technology is to use devices to superimpose computer graphics and sensory enhancements over a true and real-world environment, all in real time.Augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality gaming, which often requires a separate room or confined area to create an immersive environment, augmented reality gaming uses the existing environment and creates a playing field within it. While virtual reality games require specialized VR headsets, only some augmented reality systems use them. AR games are typically played on devices like smartphonestablets and portable gaming systems. 

An augmented reality game often superimposes a precreated environment on top of a user’s actual environment. The game itself can be as simple as a game of virtual checkers played on a table surface. More advanced AR games may actually build an environment from user surroundings. Such a game could involve, for example, in-game characters climbing from coffee tables to sofas on virtual bridges. Environment creation is a time-consuming task in game making and there is a constant demand for new scenery because once a user has explored an environment fully they want to move on to a different one. AR gaming expands the playing field, taking advantage of the diversity of the real-world environment to keep the games interesting.

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Applications in Games & Real Life

While augmented reality can be used in all aspects of life, it is very interesting when used for gaming purposes. Video game companies are quickly adopting this technology to create games that are lifelike and offer the most amazing experience. There are already a number of PC and mobile games that make use of augmented reality, but many gamers will turn to their console devices for the best experience. Devices like PlayStation and Wii offer amazing augmented games, where players will take on a role in the game and actually use physical actions to control the movements and actions in the game. With augmented reality, the games are much more lifelike and will provide a feeling of being right there in the middle of the action. This type of technology is very common in fighting games as well as sports games, where players can have complete control over the gaming experience by using an augmented reality device and taking part of the real world and combining it with their gaming world.

Pokémon GO,  considered the breakthrough AR app for gaming, uses a smartphone’s camera, gyroscope, clock and GPS and to enable a location-based augmented reality environment. A map of the current environment displays on the screen and a rustle of grass indicates the presence of a Pokémon; a tap of the touchscreen brings up the capture display. In AR mode, the screen displays Pokémon in the user’s real-world environment.

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Although augmented reality has been around for years, it wasn’t until Android and iOS smartphones came equipped with GPS, camera and AR capability that augmented reality came into its own with the public. Augmented reality is technology that combines virtual reality with the real world in the form of live video imagery that is digitally enhanced with computer-generated graphics. AR can be experienced through headsets that people wear and through displays on mobile devices. Some applications of AR for real life are:-

  • Medical – the ability to image the brain in 3D is powerful for the surgeon
  • Military – the Heads-Up Display is the typical example of AR when it comes to military applications of this technology
  • Marketing – more and more companies on daily basis are starting to use AR for their advertising purposes
  • Education – AR apps are changing the educational content which helps to improve classroom learning with the help of interaction
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