Android P (Android 9.0 Version) : An Upgrade Or Downgrade?

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So the latest Android platform is in the house; though the name isn’t officially announced but it is called as Android P (Android 9.0 Version). It is released for only pixel devices, but soon it will be globally released for all Android devices.

Google after releasing the update, quote a vision which goes by:

A key goal of this year’s update is to the Google mobile operating system is to persuade more and more iPhone users to Android devices by switching the looks of the software.

Though this quote made it clear that Google included some iPhone feature into android.

Notch Support
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This update mainly upgrades the looks of your devices. The first and the most important feature of this update is the native support for the notch. iPhone really brought a notch revolution in mobile world witch all the mobile phones and software have a notch feature. You can also change the notch size according to your advantage to the developers will have a great time making software notch supported.

Also, a prominent change in Android P is that the Date and time notification icon in the notification bar is shifted to left side from right side of the display. All the other notifications are in the same place as usual.

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The design of the notifications bar or status bar is a bit of a curved type, not the usual square type. Also, the icons in Android P is colorful and vibrant.

android p smart reply
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We can now reply messages or emails through an instant reply or smart reply option from notification bar without opening the app. Also, we can reply to multimedia messages such as images and videos through this feature.

There is a change in the dock too. Now the search option will be middled between the soft keys buttons and our favorite dock applications such as calling, messaging etc. on the home screen.

Earlier if we click the power button, it gives us access to power off or reboots etc. Now there is a change in it, now a bar will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen along with an extra feature that is the screenshot. Now along with the power on off and reboot button, we get a screenshot button. Same that of a power button, volume buttons too got a tweak that is earlier we used to get a horizontal line while adjusting the volume, now we get a bar in the right-hand side of the screen.

As we know nowadays mobile phones come with a 2,3,4 or even 5 cameras in a single phone. So to improve this feature Android P has a feature called Multi-Camera API. What it does is it creates a separate stream for each camera, that means an app developer can use this feature to create a different depth of field, contrast, etc for each camera to create their application. For example, an application can now use one camera for depth of field one camera for blur effect and all together they can form better images.

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Indoor Positioning
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Another upgrade in this update is that now we can get an exact GPS location inside of any building, earlier we used to get a 5m view of our surrounding, but now we can get a perfect view of a building you are in. For example, you are in a shopping mall and you don’t the way where to go now this GPS feature could help you get to your location inside a mall.

Next feature is more of a privacy feature, earlier we used to complain that our background apps use our microphone or camera etc. This is completely disabled in Android P, now no background applications could access your any hardware feature like camera or microphone.

There is an improvement in battery conservation. Android P also includes native support for HEIF file format and adds built-in support for HDR video recording.


This upgrade brings you more of a display upgrades and overall upgrades are good in comparison to nougat. I personally can’t wait for this update and eagerly be waiting to be released on all supported mobile phones.

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