8 Things You Must Check Before Buying A New Phone In 2018

When it comes to buying a new phone, the first most important thing is what your requirement actually is. It primarily depends on your budget and what you will be using the phone for. Every important factor to consider largely depends on your budget and what you will be using the phone for arguably defines that budget.

Even if you are on a low budget or high budget you may be confused or question yourself which features or things you should check before buying your new phone in this present day and also ask yourself for how many years you are going to use that phone and set the priorities according to your need. So to help you in this post, we will consider you such 8 things you must check before buying a new phone in 2018.

Here are the 8 things you must check before buying a new phone in 2018 according to our editors:

1: Build Quality

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A good design will set your phone apart from the crowd also you will have a feeling of self-satisfaction seeing that your phone is so well made. A phone will last longer if its quality is good. The entire handset market is largely divided into two types of builds: metal and plastic.

The durability of your smartphone hugely depends on its build quality. A metal-bodied smartphone is more likely to withstand drops from two to three feet. Survival of a plastic bodied phone is limited. At the same time, you cannot expect glass-coated panels to survive any drop. If you are one of those prone to dropping your smartphone, it’s advisable to go for a metal or a plastic built handset.

2: Processor

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The number of processor cores in a CPU determines how fast and fluidly the handset is able to multi-task. While you may find handsets with octa-core processors as well, this doesn’t mean that it is more efficient. So, the basic thing that you need to be looking at it a quad-core processor when it comes to your next buy.

The major confusion lies between MediaTek and Snapdragon processors. If you are having a budget of more than 15k INR go for a Snapdragon processor smartphone as it’s faster, has Adreno GPU and does not heat much compared to MediaTek as the MediaTek processors have more cores and more cores = more heat. If you do not have an option to buy a Snapdragon-powered smartphone than go for a MediaTek processor smartphone with the highest clock speed than all other smartphones in your budget range.

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When buying a phone make sure you see the processor it is using before than anything else. Companies can make you fool by giving 40 MP camera, selfie flash, 16 GB RAM, but if such a phone is using a processor 5 years old, or some cheap Mediatek processor, it will surely lose to a phone of a lower or cheaper price with a better processor. Because its the processor which runs all these features on the phone and a faster processor makes you experience smooth.

3: RAM & Storage

When you run an app or game on your phone, it’s loaded into RAM. As long as an app is still in RAM, you can jump back into it where you left off without loading it afresh. This is why RAM is important for multitasking. The loaded apps stay there until your RAM fills up and needs to flush something to make room for something else.

For smartphones, the minimum requirement of RAM for multitasking in 2018 should be 3Gb and 4Gb RAM would be enough to process anything till this date. If your budget is strictly low, you can go for 2Gb RAM but lower than that is not recommended.

In case of internal storage or storage expandable options, you should check that your phone has 32Gb ROM and upto 64Gb atleast expandable options in this present day or not. Internal storage creates a difference in your smartphone’s processing speed when its capacity is almost full. This is why you have to consider a smartphone with higher internal storage.

And now that some smartphones come with a hybrid slot where you can either insert your second sim card or a memory card, that may not give you a chance to use an external memory if both the sim cards are in use. In that case, go with a smartphone with higher internal storage. Same applies to the smartphones where the storage is not expandable.

4: Battery: Capacity And Charging

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Battery life is a major issue with all smartphone users where we run out of power in maybe half a day. Battery capacity is one of the important factors to take care of while buying a new smartphone. You will not be happy with your new smartphone if it’s battery life is not sufficient enough. Plugging in your smartphone now and then is frustrating, isn’t it? A smartphone must run for at least 8 hours on moderate continuous usage. 3000mAh capacity is a minimum requirement nowadays.

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Older smartphones take up more than an hour to charge and not fulfill the backup for the whole day. The problem now has been solved as many smartphone manufacturers are giving a special specification of fast charging or ‘dash charging’ as the companies claim to give a day’s power in less than 30 minutes. So if you are getting this feature on the smartphone of your budget then it would be handy as it could save your precious time.

5: Display (Also Considering The Bezel-less And Notch Trend)

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The display of your new smartphone will give its first impression. A smartphone’s viewing angle much be such that you can view the screen clearly from different angles, it matters when you are playing a motion-sensing game. Your new smartphone must have an outdoor brightness option or to increase brightness to the highest level where you can view the screen in sunlight without any efforts.

Most of the devices out there either come with IPS LCD or AMOLED or POLED panels. AMOLED and POLED panels are superior to IPS LCD. Higher resolution displays are better. Display size is a personal choice. Bezel-less 18:9 displays with a 1080p resolution is a growing trend nowadays and a notch(if your budget is higher) highlighting the display will be a cherry on the cake.

6: Operating System Version

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There are really only two smartphone operating systems worth considering today: Android and iOS.

Both are easy to use and support a wide variety of apps and games. While you can change from Android to iOS, or from iPhone to Android, there is a learning curve. You’ll be most instantly at home on whatever platform you’re used to.

As per the February 2018 Android distribution numbers, after almost two years of its launch, Android Nougat has finally become the most used OS version. But still is that not the ideal operating system you should be looking for. Android Oreo, which was announced in 2017, is the latest operating system and should be at least chosen or confirmed to be making its way to your handset updated already by the manufacturer or to be updated later through future updates(also check the smartphone supports latest android version updates in future or not).

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If your budget is higher, you can opt for Apple’s iPhone whose iOS offers a more uniform, accessible experience, it’s more secure, and the App Store experience and quality of apps is slightly better. If you already have a MacBook or an iPad, then an iPhone is probably going to make the most sense for you. You’ll also find an enormous choice of accessories for iPhones, something that can be limited for lesser-known Android devices.

A stock Android experience with regular software updates and Android security patches updates should also remain in contention on your priority list of considering a smartphone in 2018.

7: Camera

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Nowadays double cameras at the back of the phone (even at the front) are common which also combines to make more megapixels to capture an image. Many people think just having a higher number of megapixels mean that the smartphone camera is better which is actually not the truth. Several specifications such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus and more are essential as well. A 16MP rear camera does not necessarily be better than a 12MP camera. Same theory goes for the front-facing camera.

The higher number of pixels means that the size of the image is bigger, which becomes sharper when seen on a small screen. A photographer enthusiast might want a camera with 12 or 16MP sensor under f/2.0 or lower aperture for speedy shots even in low lights. A casual shooter can go by even with an 8MP 0r 12MP camera with f/2.0-f/2.2 aperture.

8: Box Content & Extra Features

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Box content commonly contains charger’s adapter, USB cable, earphones and sim ejector tool. But there are some companies which give some more contents(even in budget-oriented smartphones) along with the common contents like OTG cable(to charge from one phone to other phone and to copy something from a pen drive to your phone or vice versa), a tempered glass or back cover etc. If these contents come in the smartphone of your budget then why not consider it?

Features like notch, AR cameras, dual rear cameras, better audio output, wireless charging etc. are the growing trend to follow in 2018 and in the upcoming future.


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