8 things to do when you are new at a job

The first month of a new job is often a nerve-racking experience.

You’ll be meeting your new coworkers, striving to make a good first impression, trying to fit in with company culture, hoping you don’t look like a jerk to your new boss — whew, that’s a lot to worry about.

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Well, fear not — here are a few tips to make sure you nail that week, no matter what the job entails.

  1. Introduce yourself

On the first day at your work, introduce yourself to everyone on your team, along with any other coworkers. Business Insider previously reported that it serves them well to get you started on the right foot, because your work will directly affect theirs. The sooner you break the ice, the faster you will see results.

Also, talk about why you chose this job. Or why you are passionate about the company or the field. This automatically will make introductions more engaging and leave a positive and lasting imprint in people’s minds.

  1. Prioritize what are the most important things to learn

You probably have a lot of questions and little idea where to start. If there’s any doubt, start asking questions. It’ll get you up-to-speed much faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

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Most people will appreciate this, as it shows you have a strong willingness to learn. And you should have a strong willingness to learn – you need to understand the business quickly and it’s usually pretty complicated.

  1. Observe and listen

Do your best to listen attentively during meetings, and make an effort to observe how others are behaving around the office and directly toward you. This will give you a better sense of the general atmosphere, hierarchy, and spirit of your new company than any one-sheet can.

  1. Understand what is expected of you

A key to being successful in any job is managing your manager. And, to do this well, you need to understand what they are being measured on. Like, what else is expected of you? What kind of bar are you expected to rise to? If you can understand what your manager cares most about, you’ll drastically increase your chances of forming a stronger relationship with them.

  1. Identify Your Wins

You shouldn’t let your coworkers and managers forget about what you are capable of. Not that you have to constantly boast about your successes, but make sure you take ownership of your early improvements (at least, the ones that work). Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to take credit: Don’t compare yourself to others; just stick to the facts and be gracious about it. There might not be a better way to cement your reputation as an efficient take-action type — and that reputation will follow you as you move up in the company.

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  1. Network

One of the important things to do is to network with all of your new coworkers. It will give you a chance to get to know each other better, and it will show your teammate that you’re excited to be working together. While you’re at it, make a point to directly ask for tips and tricks, be it for favorite lunch spots or input on dealing with a client. More often than not, people are happy to offer help and flattered when you ask, and it shows that you value their input.

  1. Send a status update at the end of every week

Sending a weekly update to your manager is a great way to wrap up your first week. Be sure to include everything you’ve accomplished during the weeks, any questions you may have and a plan of what you intend to do the following week. This will show your manager that you’re organized and proactive about succeeding in your new role.

  1. Find a buddy

Find a work buddy, not your boss though but among the coworkers so that you can talk to whenever you’ve got a question about a pretty basic concept. If you ask a manager or one of your team members, you might inadvertently come off as unqualified. Better to let somebody you have a friendly relationship with giving you a gentle ribbing before explaining a core concept of the business.

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