8 Interesting Facts About Apple You Need To Know

Apple has its own class, identity, hardware design, and a world-class user interface and displays that no company in the world has been able to stack up with them on these aspects for competition. The only company that revolutionized the smartphone industry was Apple.  However, we can bet there are many known or unknown facts behind the success journey of Apple that would shock us.

Here’s a list of such 8 interesting facts about Apple you need to know:

1: It’s called Apple because Steve Jobs loved the fruit

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Apple is named Apple after the fruit, and because Silicon Valley was based in fruit orchards. It also appealed to Steve Jobs because he was a fruitarian when the company was formed, and only ate fruit. It has nothing to do with the Beatles and Apple Records.

2: Ever heard of Ronald Wayne? No? Well, he was a co-founder!

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Apple originally had three co-founders. The third co-founder, a man named Ronald Wayne, had joined co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak but he left the company only 12 days after it was founded. He sold his 10% share for only $800 and got an additional payout of $1,500. Had Wayne stayed with the company, his shares would be worth today around $60 billion!

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3: Apple owns the patent for the “Slide to unlock” feature

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Anyone who has touched an Android device has come face-to-face with the slide to unlock feature. The device is inaccessible until a slider or similar control is touched and slid to a boundary, unlocking the gadget. This simple control has been patented by Apple, removing it from the available design pool to anyone else.

4: In 1986 Apple started a clothing line that failed completely

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Apple has their history of digital revolution, many of us don’t know that Apple also launched a clothing line way back in 1986, but things didn’t work out well.

5: Apple has more cash on hand than the US Treasury

In July 2011, the U.S. Treasury had an operating cash balance of $73.7 billion. Apple, however, reported its reserves higher than the government, at $76.4 billion. While the U.S. is spending around $200 billion more than it collects in revenue every month, Apple, on the other hand, is making money.

6: Apple iPad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung

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You might think of them only as fierce competitors, but Apple and Samsung have a different sort of relationship. Samsung actually manufactures the retina display on the Apple iPad and a portion of the memory chips used in the iPhone 6 (though Apple has cut back on its reliance on Samsung).

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7: Apple Displays The Time As 9:41 AM In All Their Ads

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The explanation was simple: That’s the time in the morning that Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone in 2007. Around 42 minutes into his keynote address, he said, “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” If you check Apple’s site right now, the time set on the devices is always 9:41. And not just on iPhones. Macs, too.

8: In 1985, Steve Jobs tried to rally Apple’s board to oust Apple CEO, John Sculley. Instead, the board voted to strip Jobs of all of his responsibility. 

After Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1985, Apple Computers struggled to survive falling market shares and inefficient leadership. In fact, Apple was named the worst run company of 1996 by investment giant CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System).

Meanwhile, Jobs founded a new company called “NeXT”. NeXT released a couple of PCs but most importantly developed software like NeXT step and open step. In 1996, the struggling NeXT company beat out Be Inc.’s BeOS in its bid to sell its operating system to Apple. Apple purchased Steve Jobs’ company, NeXT on December 10, 1996, and its NeXTstep operating system. This not only brought Steve Jobs back to Apple’s management, but the NeXT technology became the foundation of the Mac OS X operating system.

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