8 Crazy facts that will make you rethink about taking your next flight

Every day, you see thousands of planes carrying millions of people travel all over the world, delivering you and your belongings to particular destinations. Air travel is one of the fastest ways to reach a faraway place within a limited amount time.

Have you ever been on an airplane? If yes, you might have encountered some of the crazy thought that zipped through your head like the door may break open or hijacking may occur. However, these negative thoughts brush away trusting the advancement in the technology and pilots.

But, the truth is far from what you believe in. Here are some of the crazy facts that will make you look at air travel in a whole new way.

  • Takeoffs and landings are the dangerous times

Travelling in an airplane thousands of feet above the ground doesn’t feel safe at any point. The time before takeoffs and touchdowns are said to be the most dangerous. According to Boeing statistical studies, 16% of fatal accidents occur during takeoff and initial climb, while 29% occur during the approach and landing.

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  • Overloaded with germs you can’t see

Due to busy and tight schedule, the planes are not cleaned regularly. Even the seats, handles, and seatbelts which seem to clean are very dirty. So, carrying your own paper soap or sanitizer might be the sensible thing to do.

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  • Pilots may fall asleep during flights
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The pilots often fall asleep during the time of flight because of their extensive working hours. However, the airplanes run on high-class technology and the pilot assistance is needed only to control the switches and make passengers feel safer.

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  • More risk of turbulence now than ever before

Turbulence is one of the reasons for many fatal airplane accidents. So, make sure you put your seat belts properly and do not get up from your seats when any sign is found.

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  • Limited time to escape in case of fire

You may get a very limited time of about a minute and a half to escape the fire on the plane because it will spread all around. Do wear cotton clothes during flight as synthetic clothes may get melt and stick to your skin.

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  • Pilots do not eat airplane food

The passengers wonder about the bad quality of food, they were being served; pilots are served special kind of food. This is because airlines do not want any pilot to fall sick.

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  • Oxygen masks won’t last for more than 15 minutes

The oxygen mask does not last more than 15 minutes. Airlines claim that in 15 minutes, the pilot will bring the plane down to an altitude where you can breathe properly. They never tell the fact that this mask runs out of oxygen after a few minutes.

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  • You may not know that you are flying with one engine down
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Planes are specially designed to fly on one engine also even if the other goes down. The pilots do not let the passengers know about it, to not create any panic.

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