8 Anti-Molestation Products & Gadgets For Women Safety

In many countries the safety parameter for women are below the average line, where people only talk about such issue , nowadays everyone wants to be helpful by using social networking site ,they express their anger on their facebook wall, twitter, and other platforms but when the time comes to show their anger or their believe towards humanity, helping people who in need, at that time they skipped that real social part. In our society women, safety is a burning issue. Numbers of molesters or rapists are increasing day by day.

But coming towards women safety, they (women /girls) should be responsible for their protection because it is you who can help yourself. Be alert whenever you out always carry safety equipment, products, and gadgets or you can also use your everything as a weapon because something is better than nothing. In this post, you will know such 8 anti-molestation products & gadgets which are made for ensuring women safety.

Here is a list of 8 anti-molestation products & gadgets for women safety:

1: Anti-Rape Belt

anti-rape belt
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This belt was built by some Swedish girls claiming that it would need both hands to buckle off the belt. Thus the attacker takes it forever opening it.

2: Anti-Rape Condoms

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This anti-rape condom was made in South Africa, where rapes and molestation was a burning issue. These condoms were called Rape-Axe, as it jags the penis of the attacker when it enters into the vagina of a woman. As the condom gets stuck in the penis it could only be removed by a doctor, thus exposing itself.

3: Hairy Socks

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These socks were made ugly as possible for women’s safety. As we all know men get attracted by women’s leg, and this socks take this point as a plus point and makes a women’s leg look as ugly as possible. As women’s legs are not attractive men will not get attracted toward her.

4: Anti-Rape Bra

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This bra was built by three Indian girls. This bra is made in such a way that when an attacker tries to touch it, it releases a powerful electric shock to the molester. It also has a feature to inform or call the police.

5: Anti-Rape Panty

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This panty ensures that the attacker could never open it by any means. This panty is made up of nylon rope materials so it could not cut, but it feels comfortable to wear just like the normal ones.

6: A Personal Alarm

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This alarm is like a keychain. But unlike a keychain, it provides a safe option for women. We can pull the keychain to trigger a very high-frequency noise that could make the attacker panic and run away instantly.

7: Flashlight cum stun baton

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This device is a flashlight that looks and works like a flashlight but it has a stun baton at the top of the torch that could protect you from any incoming threat.

8: Pepper Spray

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This pepper spray is a long best friend for women safety. All women who think about their safety should have pepper spray on their bag. This can contain pepper particles that you can use as a self-protection spray, just spray directly into the eyes of the attacker.


Women safety is not only a job for women but also for men. We should always protect the pride and dignity of women. Why women need all these gadgets because our society cannot respect and protect the dignity of women. We should try to change our world to a better place where women could live freely without any fear in their eyes.

Disclaimer: This post does not mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone. It does not mean that women should only cover themselves or take measures to prevent themselves from molestation or rapes. Rapes also happen after taking measures or covering the body. It’s the boys who should be taught from childhood how to respect girls by their parents and they should be made aware of the circumstances and punishments rapists or molesters have to face for this type of things from the beginning. Then only they will become real men in the future.

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