7 health benefits of yoga in your lifestyle

Yoga means the union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. It is a form of physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, these are actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.

Here we bring you 7 health benefits of yoga which you should add to your lifestyle.

  1. Improves flexibility and muscle strength

Yoga has positions that act upon the various joints of the body including those joints that are never really on the ‘radar screen’ let alone exercised. It focuses on strength training and flexibility is an incredible benefit to your body. The postures are meant to strengthen your body from the inside out.

Each of the yoga poses is built to reinforce the muscles around the spine, the very center of your body, which is the core from which everything else operates. When the core is working properly, posture is improved, thus alleviating back, shoulder, and neck pain.

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  1. Stress relief

A few minutes of yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily in both the body and mind. Yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation are effective techniques to release stress.

  1. Spine protection

Spinal discs which act as the shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves—crave movement. If you’ve got a well-balanced Asana practice with plenty of backbends, forward bends, and twists, you’ll help keep your discs supple.

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  1. Increases your blood flow

Practicing yoga can help in your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result. It also boosts your levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. It also decreases the risk of heart attacks.

  1. Improves immunity

An irregularity in the body affects the mind and similarly, unpleasantness or restlessness in the mind can manifest as an ailment in the body. Yoga poses massage organs and strengthens muscles; breathing techniques and meditation release stress and improve immunity.

  1. Helps in weight loss

Sun Salutations and Kapalbhati pranayama help to lose weight with yoga. Moreover, with regular practice of yoga, we tend to become more sensitive to the kind of food our body asks for and the time we take. This can also help keep a check on our weight.

  1. Lowers your blood pressure

From the two studies of people with hypertension which compared the effects of Savasana (Corpse Pose) with simply lying on a couch was associated with a 26-point drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 15-point drop in diastolic blood pressure after 3 months.

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