7 Awesome Survival Gadgets You Should Have Available On Amazon

Survival is an ability to survive at any given conditions, and there are many tools and gadgets to help us through. There were different kinds of awesome survival gadgets we found on Amazon. So we thought we could bring out 7 of those products in front of you.

Here is a list of 7 awesome survival gadgets you should have available on Amazon:

1: Schrade SCAXES

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Taylor Brands LLC is the owner and manufacturer of Schrade, Uncle Henry, Old Timer and Imperial knives. They are also the official manufacturer of Smith and Wesson Knives. Founded by Stewart Taylor in 1975, Taylor Brands has been manufacturing, designing and distributing high-quality stainless steel knives and accessories since their inception.

Features: Tactical Hatchet, SK5 High Carbon Steel, Powder Coated Head, Full Tang, Spike, Nail Pull, Pry bar

2: Bushnell Power Sync Solar Book

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What could be of great use than a solar panel bookie Solar Book? It’s the powerful, innovative technology behind a Solar Book. Set the mouton a sunny day and in no time you have the power to charge your smartphone, camera, and practically any device with a USB input.No sun, no problem. With a high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery on-board,pre-charge them from home with a Micro USB Input and you’re ready to go.

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Features: It has dual USB outputs compatible with nearly any USB powered rechargeable device, Micro-USB input for pre-charging with included USB/Micro-USB cord.

3: Flashtorch Mini Firestarter

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Flashtorch is a compact, portable searchlight that is capable of producing an incredible 4100 lumens of intense white light. You can light a fire, or even fry an egg. It is machined from military-grade anodized aluminum, the Flash torch is tough enough to survive in the harshest of environments. It could be of great use in the wild for eating boiling or lighting something.

4: Survival Bow

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Survival bow is perfect for any survival enthusiast, hunter, backpacker or just target shooting. Assembly requires no tools simply slip the limbs and riser together, string and the Nomad is ready to shoot Please string bow properly. String bow away from the riser! Stringing the bow wrong will break limbs almost instantly. Broken limbs due to improper stinging will void limb warranty.

5: Pepper spray gun

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It’s a very good non-lethal weapon for your defense. Its×2 rounds are filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray and tear gas combination that break on contact immediately causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing etc. Its usage has been proven safe by US military and police. It would be a perfect gun for your wild adventure.

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6: Pocketshot

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It has nothing to explain here. Its a pretty famous and effective survival gadget. It includes a pocket shot orange with black pouch and pouch. It is basically a pocket-sized slingshot that is effective both at close and long distances.

7: Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

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It is made of the highest quality construction, this robust water filter is ideal for long lasting continuous use, even under extreme circumstances. The filter’s silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa, using a Micro-Filtration method. Up to 1 quart(1liter)/minute Cartridge Capacity, up to 13,000 gallons(50,000liters), depending on water quality. This pocket water filter is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, international travelers, and the U.S.Military.

The cartridge can clean up to approx. 13,000 gallons (50,000liters) of water, depending on the condition of the water. The silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa. This robust the water filter is ideal for continuous use, even under extreme circumstances.

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