6 Things You Didn’t Know About Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me personally, it is the insane amount of detail and works Rockstar puts into bringing the cities full of life is just insane. The games are known for their ever-expanding worlds, violence, sex, mature situations, car chases, storylines, and so much more that appeal to the monolithic 18-25 age group demographic.

Even more than the violence and brutality, the games are renowned for all of the many side-quests and things you can do: the games are basically like SIMs on crack. There are some things about the games that only the most diehard fans know about. In this post, you will know such 6 things about Grand Theft Auto unknown to many people.

Here are the 6 things you didn’t know about Grand Theft Auto!!!

1: You Can Tour Vinewood In GTA V

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The Vinewood Tour is a pastime available in Grand Theft Auto V operated by Vinewood Star Tours. The tour can be located outside the Wax Museum on Vinewood Blvd although only at certain times of the day. The player can go on the tour by approaching the tour bus and purchasing a ticket for $40. The tour lasts fifteen real-life minutes unless the player skips forward to the next location.

During the tour, the player can toggle between first-person or third person view; in third-person view, the camera will automatically focus on highlighted locations; the first-person view offers only limited visibility due to the character sitting behind a wall of the bus. The tour ends at the same location from which it starts.

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2: San Andreas Was The First GTA To Feature Multiple Cities

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San Andreas was the first game in the series to feature a ‘state’ with multiple cities within the world. It seems strange to think about now, but before Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out, all the other games had only featured one city. Looking back, those original worlds, particularly the worlds of III and Vice City, they didn’t feel small. In fact, they felt like massive open worlds.

Of course, by today’s standards, they feel almost empty. But that’s not how they felt when you first dove into the worlds of Liberty and Vice City. Grand Theft Auto V continues to series in the San Andreas area and expands upon everything that made that original game so great.

3: Race & Chase Was GTA’s Original Name

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Race’n’Chase was the original concept of what would become the first installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. It was developed by DMA Design, set for release on the PlayStation, Windows 95, DOS, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.

The game consisted on an open world where the player would either take the role of a cop or a criminal in multiple game modes that, hence the title of the game, ranged from races to police chases.

Similar to the two first Grand Theft Auto games, (and London 1969 & 1961) it was developed on a top-down perspective and had multiple cities to be played on. The game went through many changes before release and the project ended up evolving into Grand Theft Auto 1, which was released in 1997.

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4: Grand Theft Auto III Was 2001’S Top Selling Game

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Grand Theft Auto III became the best-selling video game of 2001 and has sold over 14.5 million copies since. Considered one of the most significant titles of the sixth generation of video games, and by many critics as one of the greatest video games of all time, it won year-end accolades, including Game of the Year awards from several gaming publications. Since its release, it has received numerous ports to many gaming platforms.

5: The GTA Series Is Nearly 21 Years Old

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The Grand Theft Auto series has been such an influential series that has brought so much controversy and attention to gaming as a whole, that to picture a world without it, would be to picture a very different gaming landscape than the one we have now.

But, alas, there was a time when GTA was not a thing. In fact, the GTA series is almost old enough to drink at this point. The series has been through a lot and change a lot in the 21 years since the first game was released in 1997. What started out as a top-down shoot/driving hybrid has morphed into its own world with a crazy, and ever-expanding roster of characters, and gameplay that continues to change and deliver the best open world experience there is.

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6: Aliens Are Real

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At the beginning of the game Grand Theft Auto V, you are dropped right into the middle of a bank robbery. You play as Michael in the sequence as you hold up employees, blow up the safe door, and attempt to escape with a ton of money. Of course, something goes wrong, and the cops show up, forcing you to shoot your way out, eventually trying to escape in a high-speed car chase. It’s an intense bit of gameplay and a great way to start the game.

However, if you ignore what you are supposed to be doing in the beginning escape sequence of GTA V, you may stumble upon a particularly disturbing creature frozen in the ice. It’s just one of the many aliens that pepper the landscape of Grand Theft Auto Vand seems to answer the definitively the question of whether we are alone or not.

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